The General Theory of Relativity of Albert Einstein and the QDE Theory of Sanathdeva Murutenge both explain that at the center of a black hole is a singularity. The two theories also explain the fact that the singularityrepresents a space-time point. But the General Theory of Relativity does not answer the question of “what happens inside a black hole singularity.” This is because the General Theory of Relativity does not highlight the constituents of space-time. By contrastingly the QDE Theory explicates the constituents of space-time incontrovertibly as a vacuum with a perimeter having four dimensionless matrix elements. Therefore in QDE Theory we are in a position to know exactly what happens on either side of the interface. Therefore in principle we can determine what occurs inside a black hole singularity. This is a turning point in the field of theoretical astrophysics.

According to QDE Theory what happens in a black hole, in general, is the coupling of the output process to the input (See the article – “Quantum Dynamical Evolution Theory and Black Hole Singularity, the search for dark matter and dark energy in the universe,” published in this website on 24th June 2009). Therefore in compliance to the principle of QDE Theory the feedback effect of the output process is the inverse rise of the input in the form of negative charge to an infinite value in this central vacuum space. This negative charge is the property of matter that is a consequence of the interaction between its constituent particles and exists in a negative mode in which the output process manifests itself. In other words, it can be considered as a printed document with blank spaces for information to be inserted. One can imagine how much information could be inserted into this negative mode because of its infinite value. The course of action taking place in the perimeter matrix is printed in negative modality that is the qualitative attribute of sense experience when it is transferred from one to the other. In this case, it is from perimeter dimensionless matrix elemental matter to the central vacuum energy which is the potential capacity for the output process. This form of energy can only exist in the presence of matter. In the absence of matter which is the equivalent of mass destruction of the Quaternion atomic model, this potential capacity is sent out as radiant energy. In conformity with QDE Theory, this is called neutron radiation. Now we know the mechanism of occurrence on either side of the interface that demarcates the processes of matter (output) and form (input). This theoretical understanding of the principle key word (QDE Theory) is very important to further comprehend the meanings of other two key words of the title namely, the missing fundamentality and the mysteries of time travel

Let us go back to the fabric of space described in QDE Theory. It is a singular matrix where the singularity represents six binary variables acting on a four-dimensional phase space point. Therefore, all the six binary variables are centered on to one point in which the product of appropriate power in a derived physical quantity is four dimensional. But this four-dimensional phase space point behaves as a binary cell,an element which can store information by virtue of its ability to remain stable in one of two possible states. For that reason in the fabric of space any occurrence in one binary cell which is a phase space point will be the same in all the four dimensions thus making it impossible even to note the slightest change of activity that took place in that particular binary cell. We all know that the time is totally dependent on the motion. The motion is apprehended by some change.

Now it is crystal clear that the time which is a fundamental directional aspect of experience based on direct experience of the duration of sensation, and on experience of change from one sensory event, idea or train of thought to another and distinguishing in experience beginning, middle and end, as well as past, present and future. If this whole paragraph is to be explained in a language of simplicity what I have to say is that the phenomenon of motion takes place with a dimensional change. Therefore the experience of time travel from one state to another (from the past to future and future to past) takes place with a dimensional transition. But this is not feasible in a way the fabric of space is described in QDE Theory. The QDE Theory does not support time travel in the universal web of space and from this point of view the concepts like wormhole and parallel universe described by some cosmological physicists to theorize the possibility of this theoretical imagination lack any logical consistency. Then there should be some other mechanism concealed in the universal web of space operating under cover where the scientists are concerned yet to be discovered. This is the point where the missing fundamentality of the universe comes into the forefront. According to the commentary of QDE Theory this missing fundamentality of the universe is the human consciousness.

Before going into further details of this article, I may like to clarify a few more points that have been documented and considered to be realistic because of the support given by the special and general theories of relativity and somehow the other consanguineous to this argument. The first to elucidate is the “twin paradox” where time travel to the future is supported by the above two theories of Einstein. According to this, the twin who cruised in the cosmic web of space was found to be more juvenile than the twin who stayed on earth. To fathom this phenomenon let me take you first to the depiction of what happens on either side of the interface of a black hole singularity. In general and simple it is the coupling effect of the output of a process to the input and is well entrenched by the principles of QDE Theory. Getting old or staying young is an internal process discerned outwardly by consciousness. Earlier in this article I mentioned that the experience of time travel takes place in conjunction with the dimensional transition. This dimensional transition acts within the process of consciousness. This whole mechanism operates in the most complicated and highly advanced system of biological cybernation of the universal web of space. The QDE Theory expounds this advanced organization of biological cybernation as the human machine or the compound universal energy unit. In the systematic theory of the celestial as an influence behind material processes, the human machine is evolved as two elemental components called matter and form. According to the QDE Theory both these elemental components are quantized and have a compromising relationship. This is known as quantum entanglement. But the elemental component of form has the potentiality of quantum leap, an abrupt transition from one quantum state to another quantum state. This inherent quality of the form is utilized in contemplative methods to annihilate existence of the human machine. The form also has the power of going beyond in place, time or conceptually. This is known as quantum superposition. This is how the QDE Theoryexpounds the hypothesis of quantum consciousness, the missing fundamentality of the universethat supports the quantum mechanical phenomena such as quantum entanglement and quantum superposition. Now with this background knowledge in hand let me take you back to the interface point where the two elemental components of celestial nature i.e. matter and form homogenize by the above two quantum mechanical phenomena. This point is the demarcation where the two elemental components change on to two different dimensions.

Earlier I pointed out in this article that the change in dimension gives us the feeling of indefinite continued progress of existence in the past, present and future regarded as a whole. Also, I mentioned what happens on either side of the interface point taking into consideration the coupling effect of black hole singularity. The QDE Theory explicates the fact that the fabric of human consciousness is a singular matrix with trillions of vacuums[black holes] embedded in it. These black holes of human consciousness act as units of input processes to the output, which is the general body structure. Because of this coupling effect of the two i.e. consciousness to the physique, the consciousness of his/her own continuing identity prevails. The general body structure through its corporeal sense bases perceives outer space. In the case of the twin paradox, the twin who cruised in outer space due to the less distortion of the four-dimensionalspace-time continuum, what he/she perceives is almost the fourth dimension. In the fourth dimension, the matter is less dense with no gravitate influence. On the other hand, the twin who stayed on earth, with gravitating influence distorting the four-dimensionalspace-time continuum, fusing of the two entities, space and time, one’s existence is felt strong. This means more time has passed. This is how the QDE Theory explicates the romantic idea of time travel into the future taking the twin paradox as an example.

The other type of time travel is the time travel into the past. The much-publicized of this kind is the“grandfather paradox”. But there is no logical consistency in this contention. Therefore, it was considered as there is only an integral past, and the grandfather paradox is logically not a tenable theory. Now let us see whatQDE Theory has to say about this paradox. I have clearly explained that in QDE Theory, wormholes do not exist. Also, this theory supports the experience of Arrow of Time. As a result, it is not possible to have a closed time-like curve in the fabric of space that would sustain the theory of grandfather paradox. On the other hand, the QDE Theory being a binomialtheory i.e. qualitative as well as quantitative in taxonomy uses real time thus capturing the fundamental nature of the Arrow of Time. This is one of the striking differences, the QDE Theory exhibits against all other theories that come under quantitative physics using mathematical time. Therefore, there should be some other hidden mechanism operating in the universal web of space that would unfold the time travel in the past. This is where the missing fundamentality of the universe again comes into the forefront. To comprehend what I am saying now you have to revive your scholarship about the physical mechanism behind black hole entropy which I have enlightened (See the article – “Quantum Dynamical Evolution Theory and Black Hole Singularity, the search for Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe”, published in this website on 24th June 2009). If we can reverse the natural process occurring on either side of the interface of a black hole singularity,virtually one can go into his past. But according to the physical laws of nature this does not happen as a natural phenomenon in the fabric of space. One has to use his “consciousness” or “awareness” to accomplish this result of time travel in the past. Now the next question is how we are going to do this manipulation.

The answer is very simple. We reverse the coupling process on either side of the interface of a black hole singularity in the singular matrix of consciousnessby a method called “contemplation” involving the reaction of the individual in the form of attentive awareness of formations as an object of focus. What you experience here is that your existence was going backward into the past. If you go on doing this as an exercise to your consciousness, there will be a stage where the laws of nature break down at black hole singularity in relation to human consciousness where dark energy is not conserved, and causality breaks down. This may be misfortune to the mainstream physicists because of the formidable task ahead of them if they want to venture such an adventure with only physical tools available with them. But in my consciousness research laboratory fully equipped with mental content this research is in progress now for the last twelve years with a fifty percent success rate.

Now everything is crystal clear. This is how the QDE Theory of Sanathdeva Murutenge explicates the utopianidea of time travel since the H.G. Wells’ famous classic The Time Machine was made public in year 1895.


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