The Canadian-born science fiction writer Robert J Sawyer’s year 1999 well-received treatise Flash-Forward sketch out a novella where a Canadian-born theoretical physicist Lloyd Simcoe of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva encounters in a closed control room a personal transitional disorientation of powers of retention within a flash of time by way of zooming twenty-one years forward. According to the book the physicist was working on an experiment to detect the holy grail of high-energy physics. The author depicts in his title that the close-encounters of hallucinations are the results of high-energy discharges of the LHC experiment carried out at CERN. Throughout the treatise, the reader may encounter many such explicative statements accounting for the incidents narrated therein. Therefore in this research article I do not intend to waste time on every minute element of the assumed scientific explanations of the novella owing to the fact that they all come under fictional axioms of expertness of the author. Now let me go into the real scientific axiom of the plot depicted in Flash-Forward. The physical theory that is going to account for this consciousness displacement phenomenon is the Quantum Dynamical Evolution Theory of Sanathdeva Murutenge abbreviated QDE Theory formulated in the year 2008. Before going into real science of the novella, the understanding of some fundamental principles of quantum mechanics implicated in this particular thesis is of very important to get a radiant abstraction of the whole episode created by Sawyer.

We all know that the QDE Theory is the only physical theory with a hypothesis of quantum consciousness that suggests two quantum mechanical phenomena such as quantum entanglement and quantum superposition to explicate human consciousness. The QDE Theory also suggests that the missing fundamentality of the universe which was inexplicable to scientists to date is human consciousness – (See – Murutenge, Sanathdeva, P.M., Quantum Dynamical Evolution Theory and the Missing Fundamentality of the Universe: The Trails to the Mysteries of Time Travel, published in this website on 15th July 2009, Sri Lanka). The QDE Theory incontrovertibly explicates that the planet called earth, where we animate, is an isolated system from the other extraterrestrial objects of the galaxy. The isolated terrestrial system of the galaxy is delimited from each other by a domain where the principal facet is the high-energy radiation. The QDE Theory accounts this high-energy neutron radiation domain as the interstellar space where the metaphysical aspect of the theory takes effect. According to the universal law governing the principles of QDE Theory the existence of all the isolated systems of the galaxy depend on their transition into coordinate systems. A coordinate system of the galaxy is a temporary established system of entropy. The elemental established system of entropy of the cosmos explained in QDE Theory is the Quaternion model. The entropy of a system is a measure of its degree of disorder. The total entropy of any isolated system is always an irreversible process increasing in quantity. In physics entropy is a quantity and always tends to increase with the time. Therefore the entropy principle can be taken as defining the direction of time. The QDE Theory at its metaphysical beginning has very clearly expounded how the randomness of high-energy particles accounting for the colossal increase of the universe leading to the subsequent awareness of the direction of time. This can be explained as the observed arrow of time. Therefore with the missing fundamentality included, the QDE Theory gives a fundamental explanation to the observed arrow of time making a new discovery in the universal law of nature. By incorporating the missing fundamentality the QDE Theory has overcome the difficult situation of the time symmetric theoretical entropy where the arrow of time is ambiguous in its account. The human consciousness differs from this time symmetric theoretical entropy by two quantum mechanical phenomena known as quantum entanglement and quantum superposition explicated in QDE Theory. By these two quantum mechanical phenomena, the QDE Theory has correlated the missing fundamentality to an observable and measurable phenomenon. This makes the theory highly commendable in the domain of modern physics because of its contribution to the unfolding of a new era of scientific interpretation of qualitative content of the natural phenomena of universal equations.

According to QDE Theory, the human consciousness evolves in the cosmic domain as a result of randomness of high-energy particles to form an isolated system and subsequently gets established as a coordinate system having two components called vector and scalar demarcated by an inter phase point for its existence. Here the time goes on in the direction of increasing randomness without any awareness of the degree of change. This is called time symmetrical theoretical entropy where the master arrow of time is incomprehensible. In conformity with QDE Theory the highly advanced organization of biological cybernation evolved in the universal web of space as two-time symmetrical theoretical entropies called matter and form. The QDE Theory further substantiates that both these components are quantized. The quantization of matter and form is the key factor accountable for the correlation of the two. This is called quantum entanglement. The component of form exhibits the potentiality of quantum leap owing to the fact that it is time reversal theoretical entropy. This is something that has gone beyond mathematical physics in which case the form acquires the power of going beyond in space, time or conceptually. This quantum mechanical phenomenon is known as quantum superposition. Therefore in reality the time reversal theoretical entropy is a functional psychophysical module where two quantum mechanical phenomena are applicable owing to quantization of its components. In other words, the QDE Theory substantiates human consciousness as a quantum psychophysical functional module.

Before going into the bottom of the real science of Flash-Forward, I would like to focus the reader’s attention on a few points of functioning quantum mechanics of time reversal theoretical entropy taking consciousness as an example to have a crystal clear abstraction of this whole episode.

The QDE Theory expounds the human consciousness as a singular matrix formed of trillions of time reversal theoretical entropies. This differs from time symmetric theoretical entropy matrix of the cosmic space by not having the cosmological constant. The absenteeism of cosmological constant is due to the two quantum mechanical phenomena viz. Quantum entanglement and quantum superposition. What is found in the matrix of consciousness are the elemental components of vacuous spaces going into trillions each having the potentiality of quantum leap. The quantum leap correlates with the two quantum mechanical phenomena in functional time reversal theoretical entropy thus preventing any complete disorder of component particles of the said entropy. Therefore unlike in the time symmetrical theoretical entropy of cosmic space, the time reversal theoretical entropy of consciousness is resistant to complete disorder leading to its destruction under normal terrestrial conditions of its milieu. The cosmological constant of the cosmic space, the terrestrial milieu of consciousness which is a zero determinant of its matrix is invariable. Therefore with no complete disorder taking place, any quantum leap by way of going beyond in place, time or conceptually of consciousness is a derivation of its surrounding cosmic matrix as a result of the smooth functioning of the two in correlation within the colossal entropy of the universe. In other words, the whole universe is black hole entropy with consciousness having its fundamental singularity.

Now with this fundamental knowledge of quantum physics of quantum psychophysical functional module and its milieu I would like to harness the reader’s attentiveness on to the A Large Ion Collide Experiment (ALICE) currently in operation in France two kilometers from CERN. Here the LHC is to head on lead ions to procreate the situation prevailed just following the big-bang under laboratory conditions. The computationally obtained results will be analyzed by physicists to review the state of matter known as quark-gluon plasma supposed to have existed immediately after the big-bang. According to ALICE sources, the LHC is generating heat 100000 times more than the heat found at the core of the sun. What they expect here is that the liquidation of protons and neutrons will liberate quarks from gluons forming a state of matter known as quark-gluon plasma which existed immediately after the big-bang. Then the ALICE physicists program to investigate the quark-gluon plasma while it enlarges on and becomes cold, monitoring the sequences of origin of particles of present-day universal matter.

Now I would like to explain the above events taking place in ALICE at CERN depicting the fundamental principles of QDE Theory.

According to QDE Theory, the sun is a part of our galaxy and is a radiating dead planet with an ongoing process of a high degree of disorder of its earlier established coordinate system of entropy. Therefore, it is now in a state of magnetic moment coupled with high degree of neutron radiation. If this has to be explained in plain English, I must say that the planet sun is now at its destructive stage. Therefore, it is in a state of higher temperature where any isolated system of entropy can escalate. According to the second law of thermodynamics, the heat cannot be transferred by any continuous, self-sustaining process from a colder to a hotter body or in terms of entropy; the entropy of a closed system increases with time, and its available energy tends towards a minimum. As stated by QDE Theory this energy is antimatter energy. Therefore, a terrestrial body with maximum energy is having minimum temperature and a terrestrial body with minimum or zero energy is to have maximum temperature. The high temperature of the sun is transformed into mechanical work by way of radiation of energy into cosmic space. The radiation of energy in the form of neutrons will have an impact on the cosmic space of terrestrial bodies of non-radiating type by way of increasing its perimeter matrix. The QDE Theory has proved that the matrix of our cosmic space is a singular matrix with energy filled zero determinants depicting as cosmological constants. The QDE Theory has also shown that the matrix with the cosmological constant is time symmetrical theoretical entropy in which case now the activity of perimeter vector field increases. This in turn will increase the magnitude of the central scalar field i.e. zero determinant depicting a cosmological constant of the cosmic matrix. This is the reason the late Professor Albert Einstein revoked his earlier statement about the cosmological constant of cosmic space. But it is very important to make a note here that there is uniformity in the increase of magnitude of the central scalar field throughout the cosmic space keeping it always as a constant at one particular moment of time symmetricaltheoretical entropy.

Now let us see what the impacts are on the isolated fundamental singularity i.e. human consciousness when these changes are on in the surrounding cosmic matrix. When there is uniform increase of magnitude of cosmological constant in the environment, the two quantum mechanical phenomena i.e. quantum entanglement and quantum superposition taking place in the perimeter consciousness vector field will trigger off a quantum leap in central singularities causing an effect of direction of time. In this situation, the human consciousness acts as time reversal theoretical entropy. This is the reason there is no quantity of time in the universe. There is only a quality of time with relative nature in the universe.

Now with this fundamental astrophysics enlightenment in hand let me take you back to the real area of study currently in operation in the LHC at CERN. The CERN physicists are working round the clock to recreate energy levels that existed at the time of big-bang and trying to monitor the latter conditions that followed the aftermath of this big event up to the present day universe with the hope of detecting the holy grail of high-energy physics. The fictional events of Robert J Sawyer’s Flash-Forward novella are woven around this real area of study at CERN. The author in his scientific fiction has stated that the phenomenon of consciousness displacement is accountable for this. I mentioned this at the beginning of this research paper. In my thesis of this paper, I have shown that the collision of high-energies may lead to the increase of the perimeter vector field of the cosmic matrix thus escalating the magnitude of the central scalar field of cosmological constant. The human consciousness being an isolated subtlest fundamentality in this cosmic matrix correlates with this quantum change of environment by two quantum mechanical phenomena viz. Quantum entanglement and quantum superposition. The result is the sudden gush of formations in the singularities of the human seat of intellect. The QDE Theory has proved that the human seat of intellect is a singular matrix. This is how the QDE Theory substantialism the fictional axioms of Robert J Sawyer’s well-received treatise Flash-Forward about theoretical astrophysics. Now everything is crystal clear to all of us.

In the conclusion of this research paper, I would like to harness the reader’s attention on to Dr. John Ellis, a real theoretical physicist of British origin who answers on behalf of CERN with reference to what has been put into words by Sawyer in Flash-Forward science fiction appearing on a video clip of CERN document server.

  1. Are you a science fiction fan? – It gives suggestions to the future. I totally agree with Dr. John Ellis in his answer to this question.
  2. How accurate is Robert Sawyer’s book in depiction of LHC physics? – It is more over speculation. It is not going to happen in the way he describes. The thing he tries to put in is impossible. As I have explained in this research paper once you have disregarded the assumed scientific expositions of the author and concentrates only on the essence of real science behind this whole episode, I totally disagree with Dr. John Ellis in his answer to this question.
  3. Could the LHC have unforeseen consequences as described in the book? – No way at all. It is totally impossible and nothing to do with science. This is a dogmatic answer given by Dr. John Ellis. The fundamental principles of theoretical astrophysics in context of missing fundamentality of the universe have been totally ignored by him due to the influence of prior principles.
  4. Strange things happen in the quantum world, is time displacement theoretically possible? – We have never seen something like that in our experiments. There are some theoretical speculations that it might occur. I don’t think the possibility is completely excluded. But if it did exist it occurs in a microscopically small time scale far smaller than the human mind can appreciate. I don’t think it can have any implications in human beings. In his answer to this question, Dr. John Ellis is not at all confident in what he says. As a man of science, he has completely disregarded the Occam’s razor principle in answering this question.
  5. What is the significance of Lead-ion collision in the LHC? –  The protons and neutrons colliding from two different directions do not concentrate all the energies at one point. The total energy is spread out. All the flies are not in the same place. Therefore, it is very difficult to imagine that it will produce Higgs Boson. According to QDE Theory, the postulated boson particle of Higgs which Dr. John Ellis talks about here is an integer called Gasron when compared to other three viz. Earthron, Gluron, and Heatron described therein. The QDE Theory also says that this particle Gasron is a basal particle of space which moves freely depending upon heat where the other three particles come and bang on. Therefore in the first instance it can not be influenced by the magnetic field. At the same time according to ALICE sources the high-energy flies in the LHC are generating a temperature 100000 times more than the heat found at the core of the sun. Therefore the heat dependent ceaseless motion of the particle called Gasron cannot be sustained as the super-symmetry particle in any of the symmetry models found in space thus creating an atmosphere similar to the high-energy radiation belt of interstellar space. This situation is highly hazardous to human lives engaged in LHC experiment. Therefore, the scientific explanation given by Dr. John Ellis on high-energy flies in the LHC in producing Higgs Boson is not going to as he describes if the temperature goes on escalating to higher scales than what is found at the core of the sun.
  6. Will the Higgs Boson prop out immediately as Sawyer suggests? – It is very tough to find Higgs Boson. It is going to take a lot of time and effort. We have to pick up very small signals from other junk events which we are not interested in. It takes a long time to built-up the necessary evidence. Higgs Boson being a basal particle described in QDE Theory and also to the astrophysical explanations given by me to the earlier question, the author of the book is wrong in his suggestion. At the same time, the answer given by Dr. John Ellis is far away from fundamental principles of astrophysics put forward in QDE Theory.
  7. Nature collides protons at equal to and much higher than the LHC, is the same true for heavy ions? – A large fraction of cosmic rays is actually heavy nuclei. The nuclei like heavy as lead and ion have been striking for millions of years and also being striking other astrophysical objects. This has been done by nature for billions of years, but the basic conclusion being the same. According to QDE Theory, nature does not bang protons. The answer given by Dr. John Ellis is based on the standard model of gauge theory put forward in the late seventies. The protons, as well as electrons, are not considered as particular particles in QDE Theory. They are the results of hadron current flow of the symmetry model computationally taken in to account as nuclear contents by western physicists – (see – Murutenge, Sanathdeva, P.M., Quantum Dynamical Evolution theory and the Standard Model of Gauge Theory: The East-West Quiz Over Bosons-Fermions Paradox of Particle Physics, published in this website on 05th November 2009).
  8. Sawyer hints at a link between quantum physics and consciousness, is there one? – It seems to be neuroscience in general; specifically neurology of consciousness is a fascinating area. It is very important to understand fundamental physical processes going on inside the brain. There have been some conjectures that quantum physics plays in the central world. But I don’t see any direct evidence yet. Then the distinguished theoretical physicist Roger Penrose comes to mind. There may be some connection between fundamental quantum processes and the brain, not something to do with particle physics but very interesting speculation. In his answer to this important question Dr. John Ellis clearly exhibits his poor knowledge about this area of quantum physics and at the same time I must say that Roger Penrose’s interest in this area of study is highly deserved. The QDE Theory is the only physical theory that has incorporated the missing fundamentality, the human consciousness as a quantum psychophysical functional module in this field of scholarship.
  9. What about the idea that video cameras record nothing while there’s no conscious observer? – Not scientifically correct. As I have mentioned earlier in this research paper, there are many incidents narrated in Sawyer’s book which has to be put aside as fictional scientific axioms of expertness of the author. I do agree with Dr. John Ellis in his answer to this question.
  10. Sawyer links free-will to physics by applying Pauli principle to moments in time. What do you make of that? – In nature, there are two different types of particles, the matter particles called fermions like electrons and particles that carry forces called bosons. The Pauli principle applies to matter particles called fermions. It does not apply to bosons. The Pauli principle prevents electrons collapsing. Now I don’t see anyway which one could somehow make a connection between time and properties of these matter particles. Perhaps considerably with properties of bosons but not with properties of matter particles, so it is an amusing idea with no physical basis. In QDE Theory, there is no classification called matter particles and particles that carry forces. According to this theory, the forces are the result of intricate electromagnetic phenomena of symmetry models. These have been repeatedly well expounded at appropriate places in all the preceded research papers published in this website. The application of Pauli principle to the Quaternion atomic model is found in pp. 27-28 of QDE Theory – (see -PD Format of the theory in this website).

As a final important note, I would like to add a few more words to this research paper. The dilemma of today cannot be solved by business like a way of doing fundamental studies. To continue the advancement of this area of scholarship, we have to courageously face the challenges of penetrating questions about space, time, quantum theory and cosmology. To achieve this target, one has to go on his way to invent new explanations to well-established bottom-line enigmas of this field of study. But the most pathetic situation here is that by doing so one has to pay a hard lifetime price for going against the authority of organized institutions – Sanathdeva Murutenge

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