Professor Albert Einstein devoted his life to find an equation less than one inch long that explains everything of the universe in a nutshell. In spite of being successful in his first two attempts, his third attempt to unify the four fundamental forces of the universe became an “unfinished symphony” for some unknown reason according to the orthodox interpretation. In the year 1955 this intellectual died in isolation at Princeton, USA. Since then this has become the greatest scientific challenge to mainstream physicists. The internationally known theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku went on further by telling that “without question the person who solves this problem will win the Nobel Prize.“ This is because it has so much frustrated the finest minds of the twentieth century.

The abstract knowledge of Quantum Dynamical Evolution Theory of Sanathdeva Murutengeabbreviated QDE Theory, very clearly says that the universe we live is a radiating universe [R] coupled with gravitational pull. This gravitational pull is a potential energy state of the central huge mass of the galaxy, the sun and can be called as the gravitational potential energy [MG]. This dualistic nature of the universe leads to galaxy formation with its center having an infinite value. The theory also explains the mass [M]as matter devoid of black body radiation [R]. According to the principle of conservation of energy, the energy cannot be created or destroyed, hence this energy cannot disappear. Therefore the following simple equation can explain all what have been written so far in script as,


A galaxy is an elliptical path where the Galaxy matter moves. The path takes the shape of an ellipse due to the four quantize areas of space where the gravitational potential energy is felt as electromagnetic field effect. Therefore according to QDE Theory, the geometrical properties of space are not independent, but they are determined by matter. The force that moves the Galaxy matter in this elliptical path is intrinsic to its mass and is described as the intrinsic angular momentum [J] after transmitting some of its momentum as force to the obstacle, the gravitational potential energy of the huge central mass exerting on it as a pull by way of electromagnetic field effect. The intrinsic angular momentum [J] does not vary in time hence is a constant of motion. This intrinsic angular momentum of the galaxy matter is due to the three fundamental forces i.e. electromagnetic, electro weak and electro strong together disrupting the accumulated central vacuum energy of infinite value by facilitating the release of dark energy it holds into the four quantize areas of space as the hadrons current flows in the monadal structure. The blue prints of hadrons current flow is illustrated in the main text of theQDE Theory (see theory of everything category in this website). The acceleration of the galaxy matter is due to this black body radiation phenomenon. What Einstein described as “cosmological constant” in his relativity theory, the expulsive force to counteract gravity and later discarded as the biggest blunder of his life is this. But he applied this to a static universe. In QDE Theory, the universe is radiating to accelerate. Therefore the QDE Theory works within the established principles of electromagnetic field theory where two dynamical problems: mechanics, the determination of the accelerations as a result of the motions, once the forces are given; and the study of the forces acting under existing circumstances are investigated. The forces brought in to mathematical formulation gravitational [G], electromagnetic [F] and two elastic forces called electro weak [eVw]and electro strong [eVs] originating from collision. The notations eVw and eVs stands for electron volt weak and electron volt strong respectively. What is explained in the script above can be put into a simple equation as follows?

MG = J

Immediately after the four collisions or the “big bang”, the antimatter gets trapped as potential nuclear energy [E] inside vacuums called “black nuclei” or “zero determinants.” This potential nuclear energy is the rest mass energy [E0].

E = E0

The potential nuclear energy [E] is kept inside these vacuous zero determinants by three fundamental forces acting within the four dimensionless matrix elements of the singular matrix namely, the electro weak force, the electro strong force and the electromagnetic force.

Once again I would like to harness the reader’s attention back to the simple equation of the QDE Theory of Sanathdeva Murutenge given below.


According to the above equation, the gravitational potential energy [MG] is equal to the potential nuclear energy [MR]. In other words, the rest mass-energy [E] is equal to the rest mass [M]. This can be written as,

E = M

What Einstein inferred by his theory of relativity is that a minute amount of mass [M] can release an enormous amount of energy equivalent to [mc2] under certain conditions (E = mc2). This is well explained and shown in QDE Theory by the blue print of mass destruction of the Quaternion atom where the nuclear energy is released into the four quantize areas of space. Therefore, the mass to energy ratio is 1:4. This led to the development of the nuclear bomb by the allied forces which killed some considerable amount of people at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan during the Second World War. Professor Einstein later regretted his discovery though he was not involved in this nuclear bomb program. This intelligibly discloses that the late Professor Einstein almost had the established order of the final equation of the unifying principle. But whether he had the mechanism of inclusion of the missing gravitational component into this that would have led to the exposure of hidden dimensions of the universe is a mystery to date. The QDE Theory has succeeded in fulfilling this endeavor. But this may not be acclaimed so easily by the international theoretical physics community in near future.

E = M is the final equation of QDE Theory formulated by using an empirical-logical-philosophical methodology. The QDE Theory has reduced the whole universe into two principles, the matter, and form. In this reduction the formal cause, efficient cause and the final cause, all disappear into the designed conception of form. Here the formal cause and the final cause are the same. The formal cause is the essence and the final cause, or the end is the realization of the formal cause in actuality. The efficient cause is the cause of becoming or in modern terms, the arrow of time which is also the final cause. Therefore what is real in the universe is only the “motion” between potentiality and actuality that causes the mythic conception called “time.” The potentiality is the matter and the actuality is the form. The matter is potentially everything but the actuality of a thing is its absolute form. In this way, we can consistently answer many outstanding problems in theoretical physics. The diminutive phenomenological processes acting within this final frame can be defined by mathematical language using topology, manifold, space, time and changing vector fields. But we always have to keep in mind that the late Professor Albert Einstein did not favor the mathematical philosophy of nature according to his friend Maurice Solovine (1875-1958).

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