In view of the ongoing experiment ALICE (A Large Ion Collision Experiment) of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), I feel it is quite right on my part to give an abstract recital on real fundamental principles governing the “quark-gluon plasma” paradox of high-energy physics in knowing the restoration of optically inactive chiral-symmetry plasma configuration of cosmic space. Before going into the factual problems of this argument, I would like to enlighten the reader on what I interpret by “chiral-symmetry restoration of cosmic space”, the first part of the contention to facilitate the deeper insight of the argument in the contest of this paper.

The formation of a geometrical outline exemplifying the configuration of a lattice work of quartic in cosmic space that cannot be made to synchronize with its embodiment in a plane mirror is defined as a ‘chiral-symmetry restoration of cosmic space’. Here it is asymmetric in the sense that it cannot be superimposed on its mirror image and not in the context of its matrix configuration. Therefore, it is optically inactive and does not contain an asymmetric carbon atom in its substratum that is a prerequisite to becoming optically active. The Quantum Dynamical Evolution Theory of Sanathdeva Murutenge abbreviated QDE Theory fully substantiates this fact of optically inactive cosmic space of earth’ orbital nature and for the very same reason the transverse wave motion of ordinary light (polarized light) is not feasible in the perimeter of earth’ orbital nature. This is advanced scientific exposure precisely unfolded for the first time in the literal history of high-energy astrophysics in recent times. In conformity with this explication, the scientists’ current hypothesis of quantifying the distance from Earth to other planets by way of light years becomes unscientific. In the event of unveiling this fundamental astrophysical conjecture in this research paper, there is a chance for someone to controvert with me saying that if polarized light do not filter through the perimeter orbit of the earth; then how come it is feasible to observe other planets like Sun, Moon and the Mars by the naked eye. The answer has been already given in a preceded research paper published in this website but for the sake of readers convenience I may put into words again in this paper too. The neutron radiation coupled with magnetic moment taking place in those planets at a higher scale get transpose into a picture on the umbrella (photon umbrella) of optically inactive chiral-symmetry restoration of perimeter orbit made out of asymmetric intrinsic semiconductor crystalline nature of component quarks and expedite the optical capacity of the medium underneath by way of increase in magnitude. If for some unknown reason this perimeter orbital umbrella was made optically active, we as tiny dwellers of the planet called earth may not be able to visualize anything in the sky and the ancient Greeks won’t be able to develop this field called Astronomy for us to research today. Therefore, the apparent magnitude of these celestial bodies depends on the density of the photon umbrella of perimeter orbit of the earth. At this juncture, it is very important to clarify the real astrophysical terminology ofPhoton because this has been misinterpreted by many physicists in this field of study.

According to the established current knowledge base of quantum physics, the photon is a quantum of electromagnetic radiation that has a zero rest mass and processing the quantum of energy (E) equal to the product of the frequency of the radiation (v) and thePlanck Constant (h) named after Max Planck (1858-1947). If I am going to say this in simple words; the electromagnetic energy is packed in infinitesimal energy packets called Photon. Albert Einstein, who originally put forward this thought in fact called this as Light Quantum and the term Photon, came at some point in the future. In conformity with these interpretations of physicists, a Photon is conveniently defined as a particle. But in this research paper by going according to the fundamentals of QDE Theory, the Photon of physicists is nothing but a unit of optically inactive chiral-symmetry restoration of asymmetric intrinsic semiconductor crystalline nature of quarks geometrically restored simulating a contour of an umbrella in the perimeter orbital nature of earth as a result of bombardment of neutrons from other radiating dead planets of the galaxy. Now I think that the reader may have got a crystal clear fundamental recital about this scientists“ theory of establishing a photon umbrella” to increase the velocity of light beyond earth’ gravitational field in view of unfolding the secrets of the universe of higher quality than what is accessible now. In reality what happens is, the natural assault of neutrons via the interstellar space on to the perimeter orbital nature of earth and increasing the density of optically inactive chiral-symmetry restoration therein.Therefore, we as human beings cannot do anything to increase the velocity of polarized light by staying under an umbrella of natural emergence entrenched in the perimeter orbital nature. For this reason, the scientists’ theory of artificially establishing a photon umbrella is a theoretical misapprehension done in this field of study. This fundamental astrophysical phenomenon is well explicated in the metaphysics phase of QDE Theory.

Before going into the further deep of this contention, I would like to harness the readers’ intentness concerning a carbon atom that I presume to be of having some importance in understanding this enigmatic concept of theoretical high-energy astrophysics. Carbon is a natural element occurs in several allotropic forms and found only within the earth’ atmosphere that comes under the influence of gravitation. What I meant by an asymmetric carbon atom cited earlier in this research paper is that it is found in isotopes. I used this terminology in the context of the elemental configuration of the carbon atom taking into consideration the number of elemental integrals presents in it. According to this classification there are three types of carbon isotopes viz. two dimensional, three dimensional and four dimensional and out of the three, the two-dimensional carbon isotope is supposed to be the pure carbon having three integrals of Gasron and one element ofEarthron in its elemental configuration according to QDE Theory. Having almost the upper limit of integrals i.e. 3 elements of Gasron, the relative mass of this asymmetric carbon atom is very much less than the other two isotopes and for this very same reason it is found in abundance in the optically active perimeter orbital nature of earths’ atmosphere as a result of neutrons getting reacted with Glueron (elemental Nitrogen) by replacing the integer present. The mediums sensitiveness to optics is an essential criterion to use it as a conveyance of electro-magnetic interface. The realistic application of two-dimensional carbon isotope as a reflector to confine the antigravity property of the perimeter optically active fabric of orbital space (cosmic space) is well expounded in a preceded research paper published in this website (see – Murutenge, Sanathdeva, P.M., Quantum Dynamical Evolution Theory and the Antimatter Bomb: The Real Science Behind the Fictional Axiom of Angels and Demons, 05th August 2009, Sri Lanka). Therefore, the presence of this pure carbon atom in abundance just beneath the umbrella of naturally evolved optically inactive extremely hot ionized, “gaseous” chiral-symmetry refurbishment is an enlightening determinant in the origination of gravitational confinement of cosmic space known as “quark-gluon plasma.” But at this juncture we must not forget that there is one supplemental integer is there to be replaced by another elemental constituent of space. In QDE Theory, this is explicated as Heatron, the elemental oxygen. In other words, this state of existence is the primordial of matter found in the cosmic space and can be called as plasma confinement where the ionization is virtually complete and a composite motive force of the universe called Quaternion atom is formed. This is how the three cosmic elements viz. Carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and oxygen (O) get amalgamated into almost every animate and inanimate objective existences of the universe. This new systematic unfolding made for the first time in the literal history of fundamental astrophysics can be put on to a table of international scientific forum that decides on things for proclamation as significant endowments to the advancement of science so that I being the sole author of this discovery may be lucky enough to be nominated for a prestigious world scientific award in time to come.

Now I think that the perceptive reader may have grasped a fair amount of this crystal clear recital about the fundamental astrophysical principles governing the restoration of optically inactive chiral-symmetry plasma confinement of cosmic space. With this important basic theoretical scholarship in hand now I am going to take you into the illuminated underground tunnel of Large Hadron Collider (LHC) of European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland and to the ALICE control unit in France for further enlightenment on this exhausting issue so that you will be able to come to an on the spot evaluation whether the ongoing high-energy experiment ALICE of one thousand CERN physicists conform or not with my theoretical explications of this research paper.

The ALICE is the current largest experiment in the world committed to investigating the fundamental physics of matter at an extremely small scale i.e. the evolution of matter component in the universe in which case the organization of a new form of matter, the quark-gluon plasma is expected to evolve spontaneously. The CERN physicists say that the reality of such a formation and its effects are main topics in Quantum Chromo Dynamics (QCD), the concept of color charge (elementary nature occurs in three primary colors called red, green and blue) in the interpretation of confinement and chiral-symmetry restoration. To accomplish this, the CERN physicists plan to implement an extensive work on hadrons, electrons, muons and protons created as a result of collisions of heavy ions (ionized atoms). The reason for existence of a very sizeable amount of elementary particles according to Western yardsticks has been explicitly reviewed in a preceded research paper published in this website (see – Murutenge, Sanathdeva, P.M., Quantum Dynamical Evolution Theory and the Standard Model of Gauge Theory: The East-West Quiz Over Bosons-Fermions Paradox of Particle Physics, 05th November 2009, Sri Lanka). The ionized atoms are mainly used in experiments of exceedingly blazing nuclear components, and combined effects prevail in the process that follows. This is called high-energy physics. In collisions of experimental high-energy physics, the Lead (Pb) isotope in the light of its being emanated from Uranium (U) isotope is conventionally used as a heavily ionized atom (beam particle). In other words, the CERN physicists in their ALICE experiment are trying to create a similar environment that prevails naturally in the ionosphere found beyond the perimeter orbital nature of planet called earth inside the underground tunnel of European Organization for Nuclear Research. The escalated very high degree of heat found in this zone is resembled closely by optimizing the conditions in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to study heavy ion collisions. The expected high temperature and energy are thought to be sufficient enough to bring into existence a fair amount of quark-gluon plasma, a disorganization of matter wherein it is virtually hot ionized gas so that the controlled thermonuclear reaction experiments could be carried out in comparison with other LHC experiments. The one thousand world scientists collaborating on this ALICE try-out are planning to study the properties of this soup of quark-gluon to explore how the strong force governs matter, why quarks are confined in the matter rather than in isolation and why quarks have larger masses when confined in particles such as protons and neutrons. This is all that happens underground at Geneva in Switzerland bordering France. These questions have been precisely answered by me in all the preceded research papers published in this website, therefore, I do not intent to exhaust the reader anymore by going into details and increasing the bulk of repetitive narrative prose. For the justification of completeness of this research paper, I may answer the following three questions of CERN physicists in abstract.

What happens to matter when it is heated to 100,000 times the temperature at the center of the sun? – It is not practical in a confinement of established medium. According to QDE Theory, the highest temperature is found in the ionosphere just bordering the perimeter orbital nature of earth where the optically inactive chiral-symmetry plasma restoration takes place. On the other hand in an optically inactive zone, the mechanics of thermodynamics are ineffectual. Finally, it is highly hazardous radiation condition wherein the question of matter won’t arise.
Why do protons and neutrons weigh 100 times more than the quarks they are made of? – According to QDE Theory, the neutrons are unbound high-energy bodies having a momentary existence emanated from radiating dead planets of the galaxy. As the name implies, they are without charge. The QDE Theory attributes the intrinsic impetus of motion (spin) of neutrons to their geometrical conformation naturally endowed with. To the contrary, the quarks are components of composite formation of a motive force of the universe called Quaternion atom wherein the electrical phenomenon takes place as changing the place of contrary charge within the atomic framework resuming a cycle of two phenomena viz. spontaneous symmetry breaking of subatomic particles and asymptotic freedom of quarks. Therefore, protons are utopian particles of western physicists with no sense of realistic application. The QDE Theory strongly explicit that there are only four types of particles viz. Earthron, Glueron, Heatron and Gasron respectively. The neutron is the collective word given to all of them when they emanate from dead planets.
Can the quarks inside protons and neutrons be freed? – The answer is no. The explanation is found in the earlier response. As an important concluding remark not withstanding the fact that it is not going to deface the ongoing experiments at CERN and also not imparted in the sense of sabotaging it by any means, what I have to say is that the motive of ALICE is principled, but the mode is unprincipled. Anyway we all have to patiently wait to know what would be the total outcome of these massive high budgets high-energy physics simulated experiments carried out in the west to unfold the origin of universe at an infinitely small scale.
If we had cultured to be contended with what the nature has confirmed on us, the universe would have been much consistent than it is now today – Sanathdeva Murutenge

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