The contention of magnetic monopole, a hypothesize particle is an extended dilemma still under speculative stage of modern physics despite the fact that in theoretical physics some worthy assumptions have been made in support of their reality. The current state of the ongoing research in experimental high-energy physics is that the magnetic monopoles as isolated particles are yet to be detected during collisions in particle accelerators. The first person to call attention to this hypothesize particle was the late British theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate Paul Dirac in year 1931. The late professor Dirac made promulgation on this argument on the basis of quantized electric charge taking Maxwells’ equations into account while working on relativistic quantum electromagnetism where he showed that a small scale discrete charge ingenious concedes with wave function of quantum mechanics. This led to the assumption that a particle with a single magnetic pole could be present in the universe and the present-day experimental high-energy collisions taking place in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) are focused on to unveil this holy grail of high-energy physics. The MoEDAL (Monopole and Exotics Detector at the LHC) is the seventh high-energy physics experiment project at CERN currently going through a development phase and going to be activated in year 2011. According to CERN physicists a magnetic monopole should possess approximately 4700 times more ionizing power than any other conventional charged particle. Joseph Polchinski, a theoretical physicist attached to the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the University of California at Santa Barbara, USA says that any theoretical framework that demands charge to be quantized will do the groundwork for the presence of magnetic monopoles. But in his statement Polchinski has overlooked an important criterion that facilitates the existence of magnetic monopoles in a quantized charged environment which I am going to claim explicitly in the course of my critical analysis of this research paper and at the same time I would like to add something more to the CERN physicists assumption regarding the high ionizing power of magnetic monopoles. Before going in to the real physics of magnetic monopole paradox of high-energy physics I must say that there is a strong viewpoint that the magnetic monopoles can resist even a massive nuclear explosion, the frame of reference that I am going to review at a later stage of this argument with an example in order to establish evidence.

Before going further deep into the theoretical axioms of this contention I would like to harness the readers’ attentiveness to the Maxwells’ equations where this whole episode of magnetic monopole assumed to have established its roots which I am going to review now in comparison with Quaternion atomic model of Quantum Dynamical Evolution Theory of Sanathdeva Murutenge abbreviated QDE Theory.

James Clerk Maxwell, Scottish theoretical physicist and mathematician unveiled that the engendering of electricity and magnetism are substantiations of the very phenomenon, the electromagnetic field and the electric / magnetic fields progress through vacuum space. The four sets of partial differential equations of Maxwells’ electromagnetism viz.Gauss’ Law of Electricity, Gauss’ Law of Magnetism, Faradays’ Law of Induction and Amperes’ Law recite the electric and magnetic fields to the motion of electric charges. The aforesaid laws will be fixed very concisely at appropriate places of this research paper in order to support the readers’ capacity of comprehension of this unsolved enigmatic concept of theoretical physics. Now let us see how the magnetic monopole of the universe comes exclusively in many-folds (manifolds) of the electric charge and thereby to unravel the great theoretical mystery, the quantization of electric charge. To get to the bottom of this paradox I would like to harness the readers’ intentness to the Quaternion atomic model of QDE Theory.

According to this theory, the Quaternion atom is a quadruple having a four particle unit with a central vacuous space of trapped high-energy. The theory also explicates that this composite motive force of the universe originates at a higher plane beyond the perimeter of earths’ orbit and leads to the establishment of a singular matrix therein. Therefore the singular matrix of earths’ orbital nature consists of trillions of vacuums embedded in a square matrix of elementariness. Unlike at the outset of the isolated excited state of Quaternion atom where the two processes viz. spontaneous symmetry breaking of subatomic particles and asymptotic freedom of quarks take place incessantly, once the matrix is formed due to condensation thus keeping the motive force of the atoms at a lowest momentous state, the wave function of the symmetry model leap on to a different dimension. The cessations of above two phenomena are at the helm of this new diversification of electric charge at matrix level. The motion of electric charge that was confined all these time to the elemental framework of the Quaternion atomic model commenced to vault into the central vacuum space. This is the point where the four sets of partial differential equations of Maxwells’ electromagnetism become pragmatic. The Gauss’ law of electricity states that the electric flux out of any closed surface is proportional to the total charge enclosed within the surface. In exercising this law to an electric field of a point charge, we can explain that it is congruous with the Coulomb’s Law while the mathematical function obtained by the process of integration, the value of divergence electric field of the net charge enclosed give us the degree of consistency of the charge source. This also shed light on the principle (in this situation applicable to conservation of charge) resulting from Einstein’s special theory of relativity which combines the separate laws of the conservation of energy and mass. According to the Gauss’ law of magnetism, a flux from a point magnetic source would give a mathematical value of function by the process of integration. Here also the divergence of magnetic field is proportional to the point magnetic source. Though this second law of Gauss clearly says that there are no magnetic monopoles in nature, we can conveniently utilize this law for our purpose of resolving the theoretical assumption of existence of magnetic monopoles in this network of Quaternion lattice  in earths’ orbital atmosphere. Finally the third and the fourth laws viz. Faradays’ law of induction and Ampere’s law are consistent with the Quaternion closed elemental loop along with its central enclosed area of space where the motion of electric charge takes place, generating the equals of line integrals of magnetic and electric fields. Now I think that the reader may have got a faint abstract notion of how the Quaternion atomic model of QDE Theory amass the competency of narration of Maxwells’ electromagnetism in order to resolve the contention of argument in this paper because this is a bit perplexing topic even to many internationally known theoretical high-energy physicists of the world.

Now let us harness our thoughts back to the network of Quaternion atomic lattice work of earths’ orbital nature. The central areas of space points of this network are located with equal distances because of its symmetrical singular matrix. In the process of condensation, trillions of Quaternion atomic models settle down into their lowest energy level. The central areas of space points acts as dielectric points  in which an electric field gives rise to no net flow of electric charge but only to a displacement of charge increasing their magnitudes giving a homogeneous value. The term ‘dielectric’ was coined by Wilham Whenwell. Actually the term originated from two parts of words viz. dia + electric, one changing in shape at the juncture and the lost mark with an apostrophe (di’electric). But in scientific terminology this important grammatical exposition is not taken into account and in existing calligraphy this is documented as ‘dielectric’ by dropping the apostrophe. The word dia means across or through and in this situation it is used to describe an electric charge throughout the network of Quaternion atomic lattice work of earths’ orbital nature. The continuous deformation taking place by the influx of electric charge into these spaces have no effect on their geometrical factors and they remain unchanged. Therefore the charge of dielectric points can be expressed by theoretical topology. The topological magneto-electric effect, the concept analogous to electric potential; the difference of magnetic potential between two points is the work done or the magnetomotive force (MMF), required to carry a unit magnetic pole from one point to the other is applicable to a system of complex binary network of Quaternion lattice work, the best example found in nature is the human consciousness, the missing fundamentality of the universe which works on highly complex ON-OFF-ON sequence. All these have been well explained in QDE Theory but going deep into all these facets is not the forum of this paper. Now with this supplementary scholarship in hand let me take you back to the two contentions that were to be accounted prior to this viz. manifold and quantization of electric charge. Though these two have been well explained in a research paper published in this website, I may restate it again for completeness of this contention.

The elemental organization of Quaternion atomic models into a network of lattice work in the earths’ orbital nature clearly exhibits the delimitation of dielectric points into four areas of space in relation to four particles elemental loops causing a definite overlapping of electric charge of two adjacent particles. Therefore at one given moment the two unit charges do not exhibit the same spatial quantization or quantization of direction. This implements the requisition of quantum theory by quantization of direction or orientation of electric charge thus making the dielectric points many-fold (manifold) in spatial quantization. The two traits of manifold and spatial quantization of electric charge in dielectric points of the earths’ orbital nature prevents any occurrence of disorganization within the network thus preventing any looming of isolated vacuums devoid of electric charge in this established medium. This explains the high resistant power of the medium even to a massive nuclear explosion. The other example compatible with this fundamental law of nature which exhibits the similar way of resistance to a nuclear explosion is the quantum psychophysical functional module or the missing fundamentality of the universe, the human consciousness. The only difference of the two is, the human consciousness works on a binary transmission order  whereas the earths’ orbital network works on dielectric potential where the increase of magnitude takes place in a uniform manner maintaining a uniformity across the network keeping it at a constant level (dielectric constant k) at any given moment. Therefore the dielectric points of the earths’ orbital nature behave as isolated electric charges simulating magnetic poles of monotypic hence the name implied as magnetic monopoles. The intrinsic semiconductor nature of earths’ orbit with the carrier density depends on electrical properties, functioning as an ideal crystal. This type of medium is capable of holding any amount of impurities of any kind as foreign matter without any disorganization of its crystalline matrix. This in turn explains the most important fundamental principle of how the animate and inanimate objects of matter exist in the cosmic space. The other important point to be noted here is that this condition prevails only in an established medium where an isolated particle of any kind cannot exist. Now I would like to harness the readers’ intentness to the first part of the contention of this paper i.e. the phenomenon of piezoelectricity with reference to the Quaternion atomic model of QDE Theory. The term piezoelectricity means the electric polarization in a substance (the essential material forming a thing) resulting from the application of mechanical stress. The asymmetric intrinsic crystalline nature of component substances (particles) of the Quaternion atomic model described in QDE Theory facilitates this piezoelectric effect. The Basic Quaternion atomic model discussed in QDE Theory has four component substances that are high-energy running (abbreviated r) particles (earth, liquid and gas) having an axis (on) viz. Earthron, Glueron and Gasron. Gasron is the basal element of space that moves unreservedly depending upon heat. As I have mentioned in a previous research paper published in this website, the fourth substance acts as a thermal detonator to other three component substances to lose their lowest energy states by releasing thermal energy as fire and is called Heatron. The fire as a matter of perceived thermal energy is a guided outcome of an extrinsic impelling force. The element of Heatron is the thermal detonator to this extrinsic impelling force. In absence of this extrinsic impelling force, the Heatron of the Quaternion elemental loop is responsible for triggering off a discharge as an intrinsic impelling force due to mechanical stress of the compound formation of atomic model, the beginning of an electrical phenomenon. The phenomenal progression of this electrical origination is already discussed in this paper.

Now the time has ripened to reveal a very important secret of the universe related to modern physics; the scientists are still battling to find an answer. It is all about the blue colour of the sky. The asymmetric intrinsic semiconductor crystalline nature of component substances of the Quaternion atomic lattice work of cosmic space of earths’ orbit is accountable for the blue colour of the sky. This is for the first time that an explicative scientific revelation is made in the literal history of modern science about this perplexing mystery of the universe thus making it a great scientific discovery for the international scientific community to consider as a significant contribution to physics.

I think now the reader may have got a scholarly description of principles governing the existence of magnetic monopoles in nature in a very abstract form. According to this narration it is quite clear to every one of us that this hypothesized entity does not exist as a particle for us to detect from an experiment. In reality it is only an electrical phenomenon that gives rise to hole conduction, a process of filling a vacancy by charge of the asymmetric intrinsic semiconductor crystalline nature of component substances of the Quaternion atomic lattice work of cosmic space of earths’ orbital nature.

Now I am left with only a few statements to be clarified that were purposely delayed by me up to the last phase of this contention to avoid any unnecessary prose of narration so that it could be done in a very brief explication. The first statement is about the ionizing power of magnetic monopoles. The CERN physicists have stated that it is approximately 4700 times more than any other conventional charged particle. But now we all know that it is not so. According to QDE Theory, the processof hole conduction can go into infinite levels. Therefore  what the physicists at CERN say about the ionizing power of magnetic monopoles is completely a baseless thing on fundamental theoretical grounds. The next thing to be clarified is Joseph Polchinski’s statement of theoretical framework regarding the criterion for a charge to be quantized to stabilize a simulated magnetic monopole. The answer is already stated in this thesis. A hole or a mobile vacancy with an asymmetric intrinsic semiconductor crystalline perimeter network of component substances is the theoretical framework that has to be fulfilled for a charge to be quantized to stabilize a simulated magnetic monopole.

Now I think everyone would have got a novel idea about this magnetic monopole paradox of high-energy physics to a significant extent. What I have done in my research paper is some worthy contributions to this magnificent seventh experiment of CERN physicists.

As a concluding remark I am compelled to say that the substance of this research paper notwithstanding the fact that is fully contradicting the available knowledge base of CERN physicists; this is in no way a detrimental document to the ongoing project at CERN in Geneva.

As far as global community is concern, an impact of philosophical intuition is always greater than any other way of incitement – Sanathdeva Murutenge

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