The notion of argument of this research paper is not fully informal to any field of study currently in stages of analytical physical research studies of mainstream branches of worldly knowledge.Rainer Hedrich of Institute of Philosophy, Technical University of Dortmund, Germany in his research paper titled “Quantum Gravity: Has Space-Time Quantum Properties” has contributed meaningful scholarship to this field of study taking into consideration the mutual relation of classical aspect of gravity and space-time taken from General Relativity of Albert Einstein. In 2009 David Wallace and Christopher Timpson in their research paper title “Quantum Mechanics on Space-Time I: Space-Time State Realism” have taken ontological aspect of quantum mechanics with relation to wave function that explicates non-segregation of space time at fundamental level in contributing valuable scholarship to this field.In recent times Benjamin K Tippett of the University of British Columbia, Okanagan and David Tsang of McGill University, Montreal was successful in giving a mathematical solution to this difficult notion in their research paper titled “Traversable Arch Ronal Retrograde Domains in Spacetime” proposing a spacetime geometry that simulates retrograde time travel taking into account many spacetime geometries of general relativity which contains a closed timelike curve (2013).The term “Missing Fundamental” was coined by me in a research article published on Wednesday 15th July 2009 in and later published in the book “Beyond Einstein’s Relativity Towards The Final Goal of Quantum Dynamical Evolution Reality: Sixteen Research Papers That Changed The Face of Modern Physics”, 1st Ed. 2012, Sooriya Publishers,Colombo.In this paper the explication of the constituents of SPACE TIME is the stamp of authenticity that went few steps ahead of Albert Einstein’s The General Theory of Relativity and revealed exactly what happens on either side of interface point and in principle was able to determine precisely the input and output process. Notwithstanding the fact that the  awakening of what goes on inside a BLACK HOLE singularity in this research paper is a turning point in the contribution of scholarship to the field of theoretical high-energy astrophysics knowledge.


The principal notion of contention is the missing fundamental of the universe. On careful perusal of the thesis the statement of meaning gives us the idea of some quantity or an entity. The second part of the notion explicates some process of the earlier entity called time. But these are all final complexities and difficult to comprehend and the existing knowledge base makes things more and more complicated. In the prevailing scholarship where the numbers of theories are at large their fundamentals are not easily understood.Also this contention is hard to put under the order of mainstream scientific research owing to the fact that it is essentially in short of primary implements that are very important in experimental research. This profound degree of essence of this notion put us in real difficulty in initiating any kind of approach to the thesis in argument. Therefore an alternative path has to be thought of in solving this problem. This alternative path has to essentially consist of simples and singles that will make the final outcome very easy to understand.This is where the basic research methodology comes into the forefront. The main contrariety of basic research with comparison to experimental research is that in basic research an individual cannot be trained to do it. It is an innate potentiality of the individual that contributes paradigm scholarships to the world by way of ideas later to become realities in scientific modular transformations.As the notion in argument cannot be confronted directly an appendix has to be introduced to the main contention by way of a basic theory and applying science wherein the basic theory will describe the entity and the applying science will disclose the process of the entity.

What are the options we have in solution is the next move to be taken and we now know for sure that in this type of research there are no primary implements easily available to us as if in experimental research. This is where the philosophical thought comes into the forefront. In other words the only implement or the tool available to you is our ability to think. Therefore, adapting a method of less talking and more thinking is the only way to overcome this formidable situation.We all know that the late Prof. Albert Einstein was a thought scientist and not an experimental scientist and his ideas made many paradigm shifts that changed the world in both good and bad ways. The bad part of his thoughts was made to reality by dropping two atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the world war two catastrophes. Although the war ended at this point of approach the aftermath of this culminated to a situation where the nations started to think that the super power status is totally vested on the ability of the amazing nuclear knowledge base of mass destruction. The world at large has become highly unstable today with fear escalating day by day among peace loving nations owing to this destructive application of ideas of basic research. For this reason the philosophical ideas of innovations have to be carefully analyzed before they are made to public focus by every thought scientist because the chance of using this knowledge against humanity is always high on the cards. Now it is very clear to all of us that this particular notion in argument comes under the category of basic research and basically a very difficult subject to understand.Most of the time we don’t know anything about the essence of subject matter in argument. We are not trained to do basic research in our setup of higher education in Sri Lanka. Today the world needs new ideas of innovation for advancement of science that can be used for the benefit of mankind in many ways. Although the western world has given a thought to this and has gone forward, the island nation is yet to see this type of change in their higher education system.

The most significant facet of basic research is that you don’t invent anything here. What you are trying to uncover is always there as nature and you didn’t realize that it is there even before you started giving a thought to it. If you start training on how to bend the mind you start realizing all the hidden conjectures of nature. Therefore it is not feasible to engage in basic research inside a physical laboratory. This is a highly controversial statement that I have made in this paper owing to the fact that there are well established fundamental research laboratories in the west viz. European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland, Perimeter Institute in Canada and Fermi Lab etc. etc. As a matter of professional ethics I am not going to argue even constructively on anything related to what is going on in these well-established institutions of the west in this paper.

Now with this basic background scholarship in hand let me take you to the explanation of the mode of approach to this subject of disputed arguments found in many disciplines of study.


The only way to confront this problem is the multidisciplinary approach.But there are many problems one has to encounter in this type of confrontation viz. involvement of many disciplines of study that one has to master, a wide gap found between two disciplines in there essence of understanding which you are not familiar with, disputed arguments found in each discipline on the same subject matter, logical inconsistencies found on statements made by you from each of these disciplines according to your way of understanding, availability of large number of hypotheses in the existing knowledge base and insufficient explication of fundamentals in abstract form found in each of these hypotheses. All these will add to the difficulty in understanding of the subject matter.


The only way to overcome the aforesaid problems is to develop a basic theory. The theory should have functional parts that will easily fit into appropriate places of the account that will understand the whole story with logical consistency. Owing to the fact that the topic in argument comes under the category of in-between reflective thought i.e. between scientific scholarship and the conventional enlightenment this is going to be an attempt to understand this laudable argument in a very small scale. If an attempt is made to solve this problem by focusing on to either extremities of the in-between reflective line of thinking i.e. general theory of relativity and quantum physics on one side of the argument and philosophy on the other side of the argument  it is going to be very difficult to get into the bottom of the theme.


In the west this argument is discussed under a new discipline of study called contemplative science. The late professors Maturana and Varela are the pioneer workers of this discipline. They both in conjunction did lot of work on human cognition. But still I have my limits in understanding their theories to the fullest extent. Despite the fact that time travel has been extensively described in physics in conjunction to the general theory of relativity viz. closed timelike curve, wormholes and to the quantum physics viz. many world interpretations they all have failed in logical explanation of the arrow of time which is a significant facet in understanding this argument conclusively. In philosophy time is considered as an illusion. Therefore by giving a thought to all these parallel developments that have failed to date I focus my investigation on a more logically consistent path of in-between reflective thought in order to arrive at a realistic conclusive answer to this laudable argument that has exhausted the minds of many physicists.


It is a noticeable fact that up to now we can’t define anything in the main contention because we know nothing about the entity and its phenomenology or the process. Therefore as I mentioned earlier a direct confrontation with the notion is not possible and an alternative approach is necessary. As a result I focus my discussion on two subtopics of the contention viz. a basic theory which explicates the entity and applying science which explains how the entity works. Then the final outcome will emerge naturally. The natural emergence of the topic in argument is the degree of excellence or the feature in basic research methodology because as I mentioned earlier in this research paper that we don’t invent anything in basic research and it is already there as nature.

We all have faith on our lifelong experiences. The knowledge we acquire by reading or listening to what others have said is secondary to our own personal experiences. But for our existence in the society we all have to spend a lot of unnecessary time on grasping what others have said and in return what we get is a degree that will help us to upgrade our position in the society which has a direct impact on our social, cultural, economic and spiritual reformation. This is called practice of disciplines. The doctors practice, the engineers practice, the lawyers practice and teachers practice. But basic research scientists don’t practice and instead of practice they generate innovative new ideas where the other categories put those ideas into practice after the final product is marketed.But what I am going to emphasize here is how to enlighten our own hidden intelligence by way of bending our minds. In this way we will be able to generate new things from available essence of mind by way of innovative ideas or reflective thoughts. This is an essential criterion in basic research methodology.Therefore when we try to develop a theory we always tend to rely on things that are familiar to us rather than going into unknown implements.

Now with this background scholarship in hand I would like to focus my attention to a basic theory with four functional parts viz. the basic concept, the derived concept, the hypothesis and the postulates.


The basic concept is the part of continuity. Also it is the self-evident truth. By not giving any attention to this foundational part of the theory that you are going to construct you cannot continue with your explanation of what you intend to communicate. They are undefined definitions that may convey something what they intend to mean. They come from your life long experiences of religious, cultural and informative background. For an example we have been made to understand and believe from our childhood days that the essence of objective world is nothing but four primary natures called earthwater, fire and gas.

Now the time has come to define these undefined definitions. They are essentially found in the interstellar space,the space is found in-between stellar objects within the confines of a galaxy. In this research paper I am going to talk about our galaxy with the sun, moon, Saturn, Jupiter and so on. The four primary natures are the degree of excellence of the cosmic space and they tend to shift very rapidly. I like to emphasize the word shift here because these primary natures do not have the quality of vector i.e. no magnitude no direction. Therefore there is no measurable external force to their change of position in space. The only impetus to shift this essential nature is the geometrical shape of these entities. They are essentially neutral in nature.

The basic physics involved here is no relativity, no velocity; no space time as four dimensional overlapping, an object to be measured as a product of mass and velocity and in the absence of motion or acceleration there is a unit of force to be measured in terms of unit acceleration in unit mass. Therefore what is found here is only energy. This is the metaphysical part of the theory in absence of other domains of physics. A quantity having the direction and the magnitude is not found here. This is called the high-energy shift of primary natures in the universal cosmos. It is quite clear to all of us that there is no dimensional change to be observed in this metaphysical process.The universal cosmos is not an established medium unlike the earth’s orbital nature. In an established medium the high-energy shift of primary nature is not possible. Therefore owing to the very same reason there can’t be any particle accelerators within the confines of earth’s orbital nature. What is possible in an established medium is only to increase the magnitude of hole-conduction rate by way of negative charge to infinite values. If for some unknown reason if particle acceleration was possible in our set up of milieu, all of us will get burned to ashes because of high-energy radiation.

In the course of this shift the primary natures tend to collide with each other. This is called collision of primary natures in the universal cosmos. When further thought is given to this process you will realize that there are four quadrants in the complete pathway of one primary nature shift. Each point in one quadrant is a collision point of that particular primary nature with another primary nature of the same geometrical contour. Therefore in one complete round of primary nature there is a possibility of this to get collided with another similar primary nature to a maximum of four times. The end result of this process is the formation of quaternion. Now when you carefully give a thought to this formation there is an elemental frame of four primary natures namely W, X, Y and Z. This can be called the perimeter elemental frame of quaternion. They represent the real numbers of quaternion viz. earth, water, fire and gas and are the future substrate elements of earth orbital nature. The central hollow is the result of geometrical contours of four primary natures and it is devoid of any matter.In reality it is an absolute vacuum, the only one found in the whole of cosmos. This is what I call the basic cosmic energy unit of the universal cosmos. This part of the theory is very important in order to understand the rest of the thesis.

Here comes the next functional part of the basic theory,


The combination of events that took place in the basic concept will give rise to the derived concept. Once the basic concept is accepted we can confidently say that the derived concept is true and accurate in its statement. Now let me turn your attention to see what this derived concept is. It is the space element or the element of mind unknown to both philosophers and scientists to date. This space element or the element of mind has four imaginary units viz. h, i, j and k. The compound status having these four imaginary units as a whole will satisfy certain conditions owing to mathematical proportions. At this point I must emphasize the fact that the formation of quaternion is the beginning of compound status of the four forms of primary natures of the universe. Here only a minimum amount of physical entities i.e. the four primary fundamental degrees of excellences of the universe got involved in interacting with each other. Therefore this combined one unit of primary nature which is divisible is called a quantum. This change is the beginning of quantum change in primary natures that has got advanced into a separate discipline called particle physics today. This is a dynamical change and the universal primary natures have changed into an isolated compound status which can be called as a quantum atom. In other words these essential primary natures of the universe have got distributed in a way that corresponds to their energy levels viz. earth, water, fire and gas. This is called statistically distribution of essential primary natures of the universe (Sanathdeva Murutenge Statistics of Primary Natures of Universe). Therefore it is quite evident to all of us that the primary natures or the energies have quantized from this point onwards (quantization of essential primary natures of the universe).

Here comes the next functional part of the theory,


The hypothesis is the quantum dynamical evolution (QDE). What has happened here is the quantum has evolved dynamically hence the name quantum dynamical evolution. This hypothesis does not contradict anything in the earlier two functional parts that we know as true and accurate in its statements. The central imaginary units have the potentiality of generating formations of psychic nature and are the most fundamental unit of the human mind. The missing fundamental has emerged naturally as the human consciousness or awareness. This is the transformation or the phenomenal part of this entity or the substance.The perimeter elemental frame of this is accountable to the formation of many-fold structures which we can call it as the body or the physic.

How it works with the two components namely the psyche and the physic to have the desired effect is the subject matter to be discussed in the next segment of the basic theory called the postulate.


Before going into details of postulate, it is of greatest significance to know the ground content of the human seat of awareness or more comprehensively what we call it as consciousness in order to make sense of our understanding of this difficult notion fully.

As mentioned earlier in this research paper, the quantization of essential primary natures has transformed into a quantum which is called a quaternion, the smallest unit in the universe. This is the basic cosmic energy unit that is going to take part in a reaction that will give rise to complex manifold structures in the universal relative space. Therefore this smallest unit can be called an atom (quaternion atom). There are trillions of similar atoms formed in the universal relative space. At this juncture it is very important to mention that this evolved smallest quantum is devoid of an interphase point or a transition zone that will clearly demarcate two separate phases of the quantum when it is in a fixed stable state. In other words there is no system to operate in two phases.Therefore this quantum is highly unstable and tends to disorganize its symmetry status spontaneously. This is called spontaneous symmetry breaking of subatomic structures. These subatomic structures are the primary natures of the universe that took part in the formation of quantum. Once released the freedom of these subatomic structures is restricted to a certain special distance of the universal space because of the same processes taking place in trillions of other quanta in its surrounding. This is called asymptotic freedom of subatomic structures. Both these processes are dynamical in nature and take place in quanta and owing to these two quantum dynamical processes the ultimate result is the crowding of essential primary natures of the universe in dimensions. The physical quantity of this complexity is measured in terms of fundamental units of the system i.e. quaternion atoms. This is called condensation.In actuality this change of phase of energy is accompanied by evolution of a new dimension which is an aggregation of quaternion atoms.

By carefully perusing over the events that took place up to now in the explicated scholarship of basic theory it is quite evident to all of us that the two quantum dynamical processes are the essential axioms of complex structures formed in the universe. Once the complexity is evolved the isolated quantum of primary essential nature gets transformed into a coordinate system. This coordinate system having an interphase point has two processes on either side working together harmoniously in order to bring out the desired effect of stable nature.

Once this desired effect of stable nature is formed it mathematically fulfills the system of elements of real or complex numbers arranged in a square or rectangular formation thus can be called as a matrix. By considering its line of formation this can be confidently named as a square matrix. There is no fixed value to this matrix formation and has only an algebraic entity. The quaternion or the quantum atom is not a matrix because it has a determinant having a value of a quantity of four primary essential natures of the universe. By carefully going through the above explained scholarship we can come to a reasonable inference that the central determinant factor of this matrix is only energy and is the system’s ability to do the desired work. In quantity wise it is considered as zero. When the central determinant is zero it is called a singular matrix. Therefore the matrix of the human seat of awareness is a singular matrix (Sanathdeva Murutenge, 2006).

In this singular matrix of human seat of awareness there are two distinct components i.e. centrally defined spaces embedded in sets of quantum atoms. The central defined spaces are absolute vacuums where the energy is confined and trapped hence the name vacuum energy is given to them. The other important factor is that these spaces do not participate in forming manifold structures. Instead of forming manifold structures they function as knowledge retaining spaces to serve the purpose of cognition. Therefore they are called function spaces having the basis of intelligence. This function spaces act as blank spaces where the formations of cognition can be stored as printed memory files. There are trillions of such function spaces in the human seat of awareness thus one can imagine how much of information can be stored as memory files in the human mind.

By pursuing further deep into these function spaces it is obvious that they are formed of four relative positions of four dimensionless primary essences of universal nature. Therefore these spaces act as four dimensional phase space points. This four dimensional phase space point is the result of gradual incorporation of one by one dimensionless primary essences of the universe by stages until the final symmetry of quaternion is formed. As I have explained earlier these points are the information storage elements hence can be called as binary cells. Also it can be expressed in mathematical proportions involving coordinates i.e. specifies points in four dimensional space and give the idea of a wave function.This is called the wave function of the symmetry model and gives stability to the system.

When we further analyze the symmetry model of quaternion atoms it has five segments consisting of four un-derived elements and one derived element called the space element (Sanathdeva Murutenge, 2006). Considering only the special disposition of the four un-derived elements and imagining a reference point at the center of this derived element it is to be noted that there are six planes that cross this central imaginary referencepoint of the space element. Again when we take one reference line in each of these planes there are six axes in this symmetry model crossing at this imaginary reference point. Therefore taking the whole singular matrix of earth’s orbital nature into account which is a coordinate system there are trillions of six sets of fundamental intersections pointing at trillions of four dimensional phase space points. Again taking only one four dimensional phase space point into account the quality of interest that can be changed is only up to a maximum of six and the minimum will be one. This is how we apply the variational principle into this coordinate system. Therefore there are six tracts that connectone binary cell to another binary cell in the special geometry of the singular matrix of earth’s orbital nature. Accordingly when we take the abstract knowledge of what has been explained in this segment there are six variables in one four dimensional phase space point. Therefore the changes that take place in all the six variables in order to elicit an activity are focused on to this four dimensional phase space point. Therefore the derived physical quantity or quality is four dimensional in its final result. In other words any occurrence in this point will be the same in all four dimensions. Therefore it is very difficult to note or recognize even a minute change of activity that took place in that particular binary cell owing to this very same reason thus the time does not travel in the singular matrix of earth’s orbital nature as explicated in theories of wormholes and parallel universes.

The above explained scholarship of this research paper has proved us that there is some hidden mechanism which is responsible for the phenomenon of time travel. But before going into the next part of the contention i.e. mysteries of time travel it is of significant to know the meanings of two words called space and time in order to make things simple for understanding purpose.This is the subject matter to be discussed in the next segment of the contention called,


This is the science behind this whole application or putting it into operation to get the desired effect. First of all we have to clear our views concerning the following two notions i.e. space and time.

The apprehension of space is due to derived concepts, the space element which is accountable for mental formations. As explained earlier in this paper, the basic concept forms many-fold structures. These many-fold structures are the results of space occupying extensions of three mutually perpendicular directions of what happens inside this space element. Therefore the presence of these space occupying extensions is a relative feeling an individual experiences owing to this close connection between the two components called derived and un-derived elements. This whole mechanism operates in the most complicated and highly advanced system of biological cybernation called the human machine.

At the moment of crowding of the essential primary natures in the process of condensation, the statistical arrangement of high quality(Murutenge, Sanathdeva, 2013) is considered as the quaternion atom of four primary entities embodied together. This is the highest intelligent state of the derived concept, the space element. It is responsible for reflective formations and always in the negative mode of infinite value. Also in the process of crowding of essential primary natures of the universe, the possibilities of other forms of statistical arrangements are inevitable. This will give rise to a change of composition in embodied complexities with gradual obliteration of central determinants. This gradual obliteration has a direct effect on the degree of excellence of intelligence of the being. Therefore in the process of this phenomenon the ultimate result will be the formation of complex entities with different intelligent potentialities of different many-fold structures with environmental adaptations. The newly formed embodied complexity acts as a functional system of irreversible nature wherein the derived intelligences and the un-derived many-fold structures are dependent on intrinsic primary natures of the universe at the point of their change into a coordinate system. The change in dimension of the un-derived many-fold structures is the result of energy shift byway of charge conventionally described as positive and negative evolved from material phenomena of primary elemental frame to get relocated in the derived space element. This is an interaction between four primary essential natures.

Now we know that there is a close connection of the two components viz. derived and un-derived in their processes at the same point. The two events occur one after the other and the dimensional change is captured and transformed into a formation of intelligence in the derived space element. The evolved formation of intelligence has the potentiality of detecting this change or distortion as a measurement. Therefore it is quite to us that this distortion of space in forms of measurements will give us the feeling that the event has moved forward. This phenomenon is called awareness or consciousness. Therefore the consciousness of this change of event has to be expressed in some form of systematic way. This systematization of distortion in space is given in terms of time. This change in dimension can be spelled out as distortion of space-time. Therefore the awareness or consciousness of time is due to the distortion of space-time. The individual’s consciousness or awareness that the event has changed in terms of time is called the arrow of time.The extent of forward movement or the extent of distortion is explicated in terms of duration of time. If the extent of distortion is more the duration of time is more and the extent of distortion is less the duration of time is less. Therefore for more distortion more time is needed and for less distortion less time is needed.

By going through the scholarship of what has been explained up to now it is clear to us that the apprehension of time is the result of coupling of the two events that take place in two components viz. derived and un-derived elements. Therefore these two events can be conveniently demarcated by an interface point by keeping the two events on either side of this point. This is the point where the two elementary components change into different dimensions. This change in dimension gives the awareness of indefinite continued progression of existence in the past, present and future regarded as a whole. Also owing to this coupling effect of the two the awareness of one’s own continuous or incessant identity prevails.Therefore by knowing what happens on either side of this interface point will reveal the time travel to the future, present and past.

As explained earlier in this research paper the two components namely the un-derived basic component and the derived space element component are quantized viz. W,X,Y,Z are real numbers and h, I, j, k are imaginary numbers. The perimeter basic elemental frame of the four essential primary nature’s is having a compromising relationship with each other. This is called quantum entanglement. The derived central space element has the potentiality of abrupt transition from one quantum state to another quantum state. This is called quantum leap or quantum jump. The quantum leap is the result of abrupt change in negative charge density in the vacuum. This inherent quality of the central vacuum state can be used in contemplation methods or more comprehensively called meditation methods in order to attain higher states of mind. Therefore this form has the power of going beyond in place, time and conceptually.  This turbulent effect of vacuum energy is called quantum superposition.

Before going into the next part of the contention I would like to say some significant facets of two quantum dynamical phenomena that shed light on current problems the world is encountering in a very big way. The population explosion is a big problem to most of the countries and the respective governments cannot meet the basic needs of the people. The beings do not leave the orbital nature of the earth after their physical deaths. They are reborn again in different physical dispositions and this is the result of quantum entanglement. At the onset of the four primary essential natures participate in quantum entanglement there is a linear energy transfer from their motion of shift they carried to this point to get trapped inside the newly formed space element of the system.Along with this linear energy transfer the velocities of the four primary essential nature decreases. The combined effect at a point of this space of the four primary essential natures can be obtained by algebraic summation of four amplitudes. Therefore the relative power of the derived degree of quality at this point is four dimensional in its formation. Owing to this reason this formation has the power or potentiality of going beyond its confinement in place, in time and in concepts. This turbulent effect or the quantum superposition of the vacuum energy has created major problems in the world to its inhabitants viz. religious conflictsterritorial invasion by force and incline for migration by way of refuges or political asylum seekers.

Now it is quite clear to us about what happens on either side of the interface point as output (quantum entanglement) and input (quantum superposition) processes. These two processes lead to change in dimension on either side of the interface point. The end result is the awareness of continued progression of existence in the form of future, present and past as one whole unit. Therefore the outcome of this coupling effect of the two components is the change in dimension or the destruction of perimeter many-fold elemental structure in forms of measurements which we know as time. With all these events taking place one after the other (coupled together) the ultimate awareness or consciousness is that you have advanced in event and the time has traveled to the domain of future. This is the actual existence of real time or the arrow of time.

The other form of time is the present state of mind wherein an individual acquires the power of concentration. In this state of alertness an individual is using an innate power called the resolution power of mind. There is no space-time involvement. Therefore there is no change in dimension. When there is no space-time involvement the apprehension of time as a systematic measurement is absent. Ordinary lay people cannot achieve this state of mind. The only way to attain this psychic state is to go into higher levels of concentration called absorption states. The discerning of these absorption states are done by another quality of mind called conceit. It is a relative awareness an individual experiences when he goes into absorption states. This is the only way to know that you have reached these states of mind. Once you experience absorption levels by an innate quality of mind called conceit you know that you have reached this state of mind called present state of mind. What really occurs in the present state of mind is the upsurge of vacuum energy. It is the outcome of the present state of mind. The most important physical facet to be noted in the present state of mind is the absence of space-time involvement on either side of the interface point. If it is to be explained in a different way we have to say that there is no coupling effect at the demarcation point.

The last form of time travel is the time travelling into the past. This form of time travel is not accomplished by ordinary lay people. It is only achieved by individuals of higher developmental stages of concentration. Now we know for certain that the time travelling into the domain of future is owing to the coupling effect of the two mental and physical phenomena viz. quantum superposition and quantum entanglement resulting change in dimension on either side of interface point. This is the natural occurrence of the coordinate system that has been explicated in this paper. If we can willfully reverse the natural occurrence of input and output processes, the time travelling into the past is possible. This is called contemplation of the seat of intelligence. It is the training of the psyche to focus on its own formations by a method called attentive awareness. What is experienced here is that your intelligence travels backwards through the piles of formations generated earlier. In this situation the coefficient of the function space will change in its variable under consideration i.e. formations. Therefore The coefficient of correlation with the variable will go into a reverse order in the absence of coupling effect to infinite levels. The experience you get is the appearance of psyche formations in reverse order which is called invariance i.e. the function which is the time remains unchanged but in reverse order when specified transformation called contemplation is applied. This symmetry of time reversal is known as T-invariance. What you feel is the actual observation of acquainted facts or events that no longer exist. This is how the abstract knowledge of the phenomenon of time travel to the past operates in function spaces of the human seat of awareness at most fundamental level.


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