Now with this conversance of pure hydrogen in hand let me take you to the next isotope of hydrogen called Deuterium+2. It has two particles of gasron as the elemental configuration of its atom one integer being replaced by the element of heatron. Here because of the triggering factor present, a very minute wave function can be set-off within the elemental configuration of atom and is stable than Protium+1. The Deuterium is found in orbital nature of SM-ZONE-2 of the planet earth according to QDE Theory.

The next naturally occurring isotope of hydrogen is Tritium+3 having one element of gasron in its atomic configuration along with other three primary elements viz. earthronheatron and glueron explicated in the Quaternion atomic model of QDE Theory. The presence of basic triggering factor called heatron in the Tritium atom sets off an electrical detonation within its elemental frame with a full-fledged wave function thus making the atom stable. This aspect of Tritium is taken into consideration in using it as a detonator in thermonuclear fusion weapons and at the same time, the destructive energy has to be attained by using another element of fissile nature viz. Uranium or Plutonium to achieve the expected outcome. The wave activity, in turn, may lead to condensation of quaternion atomic units forming a matrix and finally emerging as an established medium surrounding the planet earth. This is the main reason why the hydrogen atom is taken into account in the analytic solution to Schrodinger’s equation in transforming the former into Werner Heisenberg’s matrix mechanics and into Richard Feynman’s path integral formulation developed in the year 1948 after it was first introduced by Dirac in the year 1933. The advanced mathematics involved in these conversions is not the main resolve of this research paper. Therefore, I would like to harness the readers thought to the newly surfaced matrix of the earth so that it may be of service to many of them to get to the bottom of this difficult concept of theoretical high-energy astrophysics contention in the argument.

Anything to be established in the cosmic space, the systemic coordination is a fundamental criterion. Therefore, the impetuously evolved celestial mass called the earth and the surrounding orbital matrix are not two separate entities. The two entities are amalgamated to form a coordinate system with an interface point. The output of this coordinate system is the orbit made of a singular matrix with trillions of zero determinants embedded throughout the matrix and the late professor Albert Einstein coined these central vacuous areas as cosmological constant. The input of this coordinate system is the celestial mass called the planet earth. The escalation of thermal energy by way of heat in the core of this planet is a derivative of what happens in the perimeter orbit of the coordinate system. Now let us harness our attentions’ on to what happens in the perimeter orbit. The radiation of dead planets in the galaxy by way of neutrons increases the magnitude of cosmological constant in perimeter orbit of the coordinate system. This increase of magnitude has a direct effect on the other side of the interface point which is the input of the coordinate system by way of escalating its thermal energy in order to bring the constituent atomic particles into thermal equilibrium with the surrounding orbital nature. With this thermodynamics in operation, the whole coordinate system works as entropy which an irreversible process is tending to increase towards a maximum thus conform to complete disorder of the particles in it. Under normal predicament of nature, this phenomenon may complete in an inconceivably long space of time, an eon. The matrix of such a nature is gravitationally confined and is experienced by all the four fundamental forces intrinsic therein. By all these explications, the most esteemed astrophysical innovation surfaced is, the wave function of an atom is closely related to its confinement in an established medium (stability). In other words, the most stable elementals in a compound state are highly radioactive and this degree of excellence escalates along with the increase of Mass (m) which has been proved beyond doubt by the mass-energy equation (E = mc2). The other elemental substances of the cosmic matrix are evolved due to the energy fluctuations of entropy within a quantum atom influenced by gravitational and electromagnetic forces followed by chemical and physical enforcements binding them together. But always remember that all these substances are basically carbon (C), nitrogen (N), oxygen (O) and hydrogen (H) when integrals are concerned. Nature is so generous to us in its emergence thus always maintaining the subsurface congenial to the existence of life by keeping such fissile elemental substances well apart from each other in isotopic forms so that there is no enrichment taking place naturally. The enrichment of a fissile element is making the quantum atoms of the element condensed by an external process to escalate the magnitude of the scalar component therein causing entropy, a thermodynamically closed system that can be made to a highly destructive chain reaction by detonation using a method called ignition. The increased scalar fissile elemental matrix of entropy to a maximum withholding capacity can easily be made to detonate by ignition so that the perimeter vector component is exploded in a chain-like reaction until the whole component parts of the vector are dismantled emanating energy in the form of matrix elements.

Now with this background scholarship in hand let me take you all to the second part of the contention in the argument of this important research paper i.e. how we can make use of this all-inclusive knowledge to permute a paragon an advanced hydrogen bomb to the future nuclear defense arsenal of the world. Before going into the blueprint of the model I would like to explicate the fundamental principle of nature governing this whole process in a stepwise manner by taking into account the knowledge of this paper as a baseline and applying them into a warhead compatible to realistic manipulation of these principles. Before embarking on this we must know for certainty what the key functional parts of a warhead are. The indispensable working parts of a warhead are three in number viz.booming power with an electric sparking device, mushrooming power made-up of fissile elements and slough off casing made-up of hardening the light material. Therefore, the hydrogen bomb in expectations currently on an argument in this research paper should possess the blueprint of the natural emergence of entropy with a mechanism to inverse this natural process up to the point where the perimeter orbital nature of SM-ZONE-1 dissolute into neutrons. In this case, the gravitationally confined Tritium+3 is converted to Protium+1 and beyond via Deuterium+2 to set off high-energy neutrons. In this model, the liquid Tritium is used and confined gravitationally by a thick spherical reflector made out of twodimensional carbon isotopes to prevent antigravity property getting activated while on storage and transport. The two-dimensional carbon isotope acts as a good substratum to the electric discharge when ignited expediting the flow of current into the fuse medium of liquid Tritium. The two-dimensional carbon isotopes are also called as pure carbon having three integrals in its atomic configuration that marks the atom highly responsive to thermonuclear reactions. Therefore, this grade of pure carbon barrier can easily be made to collapse by a booming power triggered off by an electric spark. The electric sparking device is kept in approximation to the spherical reflector with a safety valve intact. This is the part of the warhead having the booming power with an electric sparking device that I mentioned earlier in this research paper.

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