The origin of universe has been the gist of scientific exploration since the man procured the competence of perceptive. Now the argument has taken a new dimension with the advancement of fundamental science in the west culminate in search of Higgs Boson the “God Particle” speculate to be the mass carrying particle at the helm of gravity and universe. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the underground Large Hadron Collider (LHC) built bordering France and Switzerland is the premier analysis centre having the warrant on this industrious task empowered by a block of capitalizing European states. In the midst of these concomitant circumstances of scientific contest converged on realization of Professor Higgs billion dollar speculation supposed to be logically consistent where mathematics is concerned, an unforeseen surfacing of a leaked document of the CERN’s digital archives proclaiming the innovation of Higgs boson took the world’s scientific community by an unexpected encounter. The presumption of the document was so strong and also science being an organized thought of the west, the authenticity of this documentary proclamation was not call into question to date even though there was no official communique issued by the bureaucracy of CERN with reference to this whole episode.

Now I would like to harness the readers thought to the prehistory of this argument. According to historic theories, the search of the origin of universe goes back to dualism theism, idealism, materialism, pantheism and agnosticism. Though the expositions of these notions are mainly philosophic, the concepts of some of these may frame to serve worthy aspects of unseen realities of the universe in a systematic way. The historic thought of the origin of universe can be reviewed under a pantheon of philosophers from Greek via Middle ages and the transition to modern age. Though these reflections are documented in the beginning of modern science they have contributed scores of enlightenment to the culmination of present day scientific thought. The recitals in depth of these scholarships are not the critical theses to be debated in this research paper.

Before going into the first part of the contention i.e. the Quantum Dynamical Evolution Theory of Sanathdeva Murutenge abbreviated QDE Theory and the Origin of Universe, I would like to focus the reader’s attention to the modern day’s theories of origin of universe.

According to contemporary scientific knowledge of the theme in the reasoning process of this paper, the hypothetical notion is viewed in three contrastive projections viz. mainstream scientific theories, mainstream religious theories and non-mainstream theories. The mainstream scientific theories are based on a conjectural called a “big bang” and comes under a discipline proclaimed as speculative physics. The mainstream religious theories are all inclusive in compendia of Christianity, Judaism, Catholicism and Islamism. The Buddhist doctrines being neither a religion nor a philosophy is not comprised in this category of thought by me in this research paper. Apart from the aforesaid doctrinal systematization of the world that throw light on the contention of origin of universe, Vedanta is another eastern systematization of Indian origin that exposes a supposition on metaphysical basis. Again I must emphasize on the fact that an extensive narrative prose of these treatises is beyond the critical substance of this research paper. Therefore I may like to focus your attention to the works of people who contributed to the mainstream scientific theories having the fundamental root to the “big bang” conjecture whereupon it will be a straightforward quest for me to do the constructive criticism in comparison of QDE Theory.

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