The Following exclusive Interview with Dr. Sanathdeva Murutenge appeared in Daily Mirror, Sri Lanka’s Daily English newspaper with the Largest daily circulation on, Monday, April 1, 2013. (A Great Philosopher is Always a Great Physicist)

Interviewed By  Devaka S. Jayasuriya,

A Great Philosopher is Always a Great Physicist – Dr. P.M. Sanathdeva Murutenge is an internationally known philosopher who has made many valuable theoretical breakthroughs highly sensitive to the pinnacle of global scientific success in the field of modern physics. He is supposed to be one of the living scientists in the world after Albert Einstein who made imaginative leaps and perceived Nature through a faculty of reasoning rather than by artificial means based on experimental data . His masterpiece of philosophy  “Scientific basis of the systematic philosophy of Buddhism” with an exhaustive exposition of fundamental principals of empiricist Buddhism and Quantum mechanics. He is the only Sri Lankan Buddhist metaphysician who has mastered the undefiled Theravada meditation style of approach guiding towards eventual deliverance. Soorya publishers Maradana (Sri Lanka), has published his two books.

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