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This Research Paper is Based on a Guest Lecture Delivered by Dr. P.M. Sanathdeva Murutenge, Philosopher, Cognitive Scientist, Theoretical High-Energy Astrophysicst, Metaphysician, Parapsychologist and Systems Theorist of Sri Lanka on 7th June 2017 at the Auditorium of Sri Lanka Institute of Chemistry Organized by the E1 Physical Sciences Section of Sri Lanka Association for Advancement of Science (SLAAS).

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Quantum Dynamical Evolution Theory – This is a new theory I formulated in the field of theoretical physics in order to explain the hidden dimensions of the universe. The paper starts with the explanations of particle physics of the theory which were not discussed before when the theory of impermanence was taken as a basis for reasoning in the main text of the thesis. The impermanence is an intrinsic degree of excellence of the basic cosmic energy unit of the cosmic matrix. There are two Cosmo dynamics involved in this degree of excellence of each of the four elementary particles of this cosmic energy unit viz. the force of high energy rotation and the force of high energy resistance. These four elementary particles are the future substrate elements of the cosmos which are present in great numbers. The future substrate elements mean they are responsible.

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The Following exclusive Interview with Dr. Sanathdeva Murutenge appeared in Daily Mirror, Sri Lanka’s Daily English newspaper with the Largest daily circulation on, Monday, April 1, 2013. (A Great Philosopher is Always a Great Physicist)

Interviewed By  Devaka S. Jayasuriya,  devaka.jayasuriya@yahoo.co.uk

A Great Philosopher is Always a Great Physicist – Dr. P.M. Sanathdeva Murutenge is an internationally known philosopher who has made many valuable theoretical breakthroughs highly sensitive to the pinnacle of global scientific success in the field of modern physics. He is supposed to be one of the living scientists in the world after Albert Einstein who made imaginative leaps and perceived Nature through a faculty of reasoning rather than by artificial means based on experimental data . His masterpiece of philosophy  “Scientific basis of the systematic philosophy of Buddhism” with an exhaustive exposition of fundamental principals of empiricist Buddhism and Quantum mechanics. He is the only Sri Lankan Buddhist metaphysician who has mastered the undefiled Theravada meditation style of approach guiding towards eventual deliverance. Soorya publishers Maradana (Sri Lanka), has published his two books.

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The origin of universe has been the gist of scientific exploration since the man procured the competence of perceptive. Now the argument has taken a new dimension with the advancement of fundamental science in the west culminate in search of Higgs Boson the “God Particle” speculate to be the mass carrying particle at the helm of gravity and universe. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the underground Large Hadron Collider (LHC) built bordering France and Switzerland is the premier analysis centre having the warrant on this industrious task empowered by a block of capitalizing European states. In the midst of these concomitant circumstances of scientific contest converged on realization of Professor Higgs billion dollar speculation supposed to be logically consistent where mathematics is concerned, an unforeseen surfacing of a leaked document of the CERN’s digital archives proclaiming the innovation of Higgs boson took the world’s scientific community by an unexpected encounter. The presumption of the document was so strong and also science being an organized thought of the west, the authenticity of this documentary proclamation was not call into question to date even though there was no official communique issued by the bureaucracy of CERN with reference to this whole episode.

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With the evolvement of composite motive force of the cosmic space called the Quaternion atom of Quantum Dynamical Evolution Theory of Sanathdeva Murutenge, abbreviated QDE Theory, the elemental synthesis of carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and oxygen (O) have been accounted with relation to plasma confinement of earth’s’ orbital nature in the preceded research paper published on this website. The last of the cosmic element remaining to be debated is the elemental hydrogen symbolized as ‘H’.

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The physics of fundamentality has become an expeditiously unfolding science at the forefront of an investigation into the edifice of the universe. Endeavour’s to pervade profoundly into the quintessence of things and accomplish the advanced state of enlightenment is always associated with the dissolution of earlier notions and unfolding of new ideas. In the process of remodeling the inception of the universe for the purpose of achieving objective realities was always confronted with physical and metaphysical complications in formulating theories. The advancement of fundamental research in the West has thrived with the help of physical entities alone and established as quantitative speculative thought. Today what we study as astrophysics, cosmological physics, and theoretical physics all come under this category of thought. The east block never thought of going beyond metaphysical speculations in this regard and was tied down to religious convictions alone. Although the concept of the mighty creator was dominating the western world, it did not influence them much in their scientific development and, as a result, the concept of cosmic religion emerged in this region of the world. Though the atomism was the fundamental doctrine of the Orthodox Eastern thought due to its obscurity, it did not attract the notice they deserved until such time the late scientific genius Albert Einstein mentioned it after his failure in the attempt of formulating a theory of everything. At this stage, it is very important to mention that this sectarian thought of Eastern origin has many linkages to Greek philosophy of being and knowing. The philosophers like Plato and Aristotle gave a lot of thought to physics or philosophy of nature.

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