The Following exclusive Interview with Dr. Sanathdeva Murutenge appeared in Daily Mirror, Sri Lanka’s Daily English newspaper with the Largest daily circulation on, Monday, April 1, 2013. (A Great Philosopher is Always a Great Physicist)

Interviewed By  Devaka S. Jayasuriya,

A Great Philosopher is Always a Great Physicist – Dr. P.M. Sanathdeva Murutenge is an internationally known philosopher who has made many valuable theoretical breakthroughs highly sensitive to the pinnacle of global scientific success in the field of modern physics. He is supposed to be one of the living scientists in the world after Albert Einstein who made imaginative leaps and perceived Nature through a faculty of reasoning rather than by artificial means based on experimental data . His masterpiece of philosophy  “Scientific basis of the systematic philosophy of Buddhism” with an exhaustive exposition of fundamental principals of empiricist Buddhism and Quantum mechanics. He is the only Sri Lankan Buddhist metaphysician who has mastered the undefiled Theravada meditation style of approach guiding towards eventual deliverance. Soorya publishers Maradana (Sri Lanka), has published his two books.

“Beyond Einstein’s Relativity towards the final goal of quantum dynamical evolution reality” and “Quantum dynamical evolution theory: A Paradigm shift to Theories of Modern Physics”.

Following are the excerpts from his exclusive interview

Q – Doctor, We see that science is a collective thought of the western world, and as Sri Lankans we own a very marginalized space there. What do you think about this issue?

There is a lacuna in the technological advancement in our country due to lack of infrastructure. But we are rich in Philosophical thought though it is not recognized by our own people. The devastation of social, economical and political apparatus in this part of the world has made us far behind in the line when it comes to new discoveries in natural sciences .

Q – Do you agree with the present western thought that says Universe is expanding ?

No!  In an Infinite Universe, it is very difficult to establish a methodology to support experimental data. The western scientists have understood the red shift phenomenon using the Hubble’s telescope in a wrong way. The constant change in the curvature of outer orbital nature of earths cosmic space due to the bombardment of neutrons from radiating dead planets of our own solar system will simulate as if two outer planets are shifting from one another to an observer at some point of the earth. This observation has been misinterpreted as expanding universe. In a more scientific way this can be explained as “the neutron radiation coupled with magnetic moment taking place in those planets at a higher scale get transposed into a picture on the umbrella ( Photon Umbrella ) of optically inactive chiral symmetry restoration of perimeter orbit made out of asymmetric intrinsic semiconductor crystalline nature of component quarks and expedite the optical capacity of the medium underneath by way of increase in magnitude. This, in turn, will simulate as if the distance celestial mass or the electromagnetic radiation is shifting away from earth’s gravitational field to the parameters of Edwin Hubble” .

Q – You’re the only scientist probably in Sri Lanka who says that Moon Landing is a fake . Can you support your viewpoint ?

We live within an entropy. It is a single composite unit. Physicists know what an entropy is . According to the physical laws we know it has to get destroyed by itself . Nobody on earth can go out of it. If a man can go out of this entropy and land on the moon then the laws of physics governing the existence of the very same entropy will become inapplicable. Therefore, it means the person goes beyond the orbit of the earth and lands on the moon or any other planet has to overcome these physical laws of the universe. This is not real. Anyway beyond earth’s orbit is highly contaminated with radiation and in this space no matter exists. It is a highly radiating zone. There are only two phenomena taking place at this particular level.

Firstly, spontaneous symmetry breaking of subatomic particles. Secondly, Asymptotic freedom of quarks. Matter is not available there bordering outermost part of the orbit. Therefore Landing on the moon or any other planet is impossibl.

Q – In the recent past, we heard about Asteroids and UFO threats and also colorful rains were experienced in different parts of our country, What is your response to this ?

There is no threat whatsoever of asteroids coming and hitting our earth. Since asteroid itself is a primitive planet in evolution. An asteroid is also physically acting as an entropy. But meteoroids can come down. Those meteoroids are spontaneously evolved in the upper orbit due to the distortion of space-time continuum and matter is a possibility in this part.

UFO s are man-made objects sent by highly technologically advanced countries making use of the mechanism of coupling gravitation with vacuum energy. This is the underlying mechanism of UFO technology. This was first experimented in Germany; during Hitler’s time and, after World war two this UFO technology was stolen by western allies. Remember! This technology of coupling gravitation with vacuum energy was a contributory factor for the western allies to go against Hitler’s Germany.

Colourful rains are due to atmospheric changes occurring in the SM zone 3. It is a chemical reaction occurring in the singular matrix of cosmic space. In future not only red showers but even black showers is a possibility. These are the signs of natural destruction of the entropy we live.

Q- Do Aliens exist on other planets ?

The Planets we see are all dead planets. They are the result of Kalpa Vinaasa, and earth will also one day succumb to the same physical devastation. Oil is an indication of earth’s non-viability. When earth is not viable and sustainable you get oil . This is the starting point of destruction of life. It is not at all a good sign to have oil in any region of earth. There is nothing called aliens, Aliens are actually the primitive ethereal forms of our own existence at fundamental first cycle level. They may have been accidentally photographed by highly sensitive cameras. This in turn may have led to the imaginations of man as aliens in various documentaries.

Q – What is the first cycle ? Do any other cycle exist ?

The First cycle is where the variation of inanimate and animate objective focuses evolve at fundamental level in the singular matrix of cosmic space due to condensation and dynamical motion of matrix elements. The second cycle is the cycle of transmigration.

Q- Animals and Humans how are they differentiated ? What is the root cause ?

Controversy of intrinsic fundamentalism is the root cause of diversity in the objective dynamism’s of the Universe. This is an increasing irreversible process wherein the total destruction of the emerged isolated animated system takes place in the arrow of time. Universal law very clearly says that there is nothing substantial in the cosmos. What is found in the universe is only a motion. In the absence of dynamism, there is no objective focus of Universe. This is the simplest and abstract explanation I can give.

Q – Some Say, Hard Science is Mathematics. Therefore, without Mathematics, nothing can be logically explained. Do You agree with this rule ?

Totally I am against this rule. Because mathematics is also a language, supported by various symbols. That can be also expressed quantitatively. It is a matter of balancing both sides. Anything can be balanced qualitatively as well as quantitatively. Mathematics is an abstract form of the qualitative essays using symbols of calligraphy. Ultimate motive is to balance both sides of the even. So what I think is mathematics is nothing but a shorthand method of prose. The late Professor Albert Einstein also agrees to this.

Q- You have done a deep and profound research and explained the mechanism of gravitation without the help of Newtonian physics. Unfortunately, most of the Sri Lankan’s seem to be unaware of this brilliant work. How do you reckon this ?

That is due to ignorance of our people. Surely they will get to know about this work of mine but unfortunately, this will not happen in my lifetime.

Q – You have  formulated a scientific theory and also the latest atomic model is yours . Has any other academic’s in Sri Lanka has developed a similar theory ?

It is a very difficult question to answer but anyway to my knowledge ‘No’.

Q – You will go down in the history of Sri Lanka as the person who has given a new model plan to the latest Hydrogen bomb. Can you elaborate on this ?

My model is gravitational confined liquid tritium vacuum model. It is four times powerful than the conventional hydrogen bomb known to the western world.

What is special here is that it has four detonating points. The other important feature is I have introduced two-dimensional carbon (Gasron) as an aanti-gravity property agent which can be used as capsules to fill up weapon grade Uranium. By increasing the number of capsules in the model we can increase the power of destruction. To formulate this model  I used the innate natural existence of hydrogen in the earth’s orbit at three different levels and also by taking the orbit and the earth matter as one entropy.

Q – You have theorized the existence of Mind atom. Is It real ?

Yes, I used the two quantum phenomena, Quantum entanglement and quantum superposition to explain the missing fundamentality of the universe. The Consciousness, and this mind atom is the result of this whole endeavor.

Q- What you understand by space travel ?

Space travel is travelling up to a point located in the middle zone of the orbital nature. No Human can go beyond that point.

Q – Why do You say so ?

The four forces of the universe operate only up to this middle part of the orbit. For an object to move using propelling methods there should be an established medium. Beyond this level there is no established medium as such. The Air crafts travel in the lowest zone which is the closest area of orbit to the earth where all the four fundamental forces operate. The space shuttles travel up to the outer boundary of the middle zone of the orbit. This is the zone where satellites operate.

Q- Could you explain the mechanism related to “Air Pockets” ?

It is where the Aircraft’s while traveling experience sudden drops, the reason for this is that in Singular matrix you get trillions of zero determinants. Due to continuous bombardment of neutrons on the upper zone of the orbit, the negative pressure of this zero determinants increases in magnitude  resulting coalition of surrounding similar zero determinants evolving a massive vacuous area with high negative pressure. There is no established medium for the Aircraft to support in this vacuum for its forward momentum. Therefore, an aircraft will experience a sudden drop. Depending on the size of the Vacuous areas ( SM Vacuums ) the distance of this fall will vary.

Q – Why you term it as SM Vacuum ?

Because these areas are not identified by other scientists so far. Even Albert Einstein quoted this but later revoked his statement clinging onto a theory of expanding the universe. But my QDE theory does not support the physical universe as expanding one. We all live in a radiating Universe .

Q – Is any other damage foreseeable for the Aircraft’s ?

Depending on the magnitude of the negative pressure the electrical mechanism of the aircraft can fail. But this may not happen immediately, but in future, it will happen. We will not be able to lift any aircraft if this phenomenon escalate to higher magnitudes.

Q- Can you support this idea further

Since the earth is now at a declining stage, and this is the result of the origin of the rise of radiation and the decline of the wave function of the symmetry model, which is important for the existence of an established medium. In other words, when the radiation increases the wave function of the symmetry model decreases. This is the simplest astrophysical explication I can give.

Q – You have incorporated Human consciousness into a physical theory and how did you manage to do it ?

By exercising and executing contemplation methods I managed to do this. If you analyze your own consciousness you get the wisdom of knowledge and will be able to highlight the hidden conjectures of nature.

Mine advice for a layman is that do not use your sense bases of the physical body to focus the outside world. By focusing on the outside world, you will never succeed in reaching wisdom. Always practice the reverse.

Q – Finally, You have mentioned in your publication “A Philosopher is always destined to be honored in his eternal rest”, Why this pathetic situation prevails ?

This is because a philosopher is always well ahead of the knowledge base of incumbent society. Therefore, in his lifetime, there will not be any appreciation or gratitude of what he has contributed to the world . 

A Great philosopher is always a great Physicist because his endowment to the insight of nature is great – Sanathdeva Murutenge     

The End